Thursday, March 31, 2011

snuggle buddy

whether it's bed time or nap time, she is THE BEST little snuggle buddy.
and i'll tell you one thing, the two of us {while snuggling} have been known to giggle harder than a couple of school girls, especially when it's supposed to be 'lights out'.
although i hope that some day she outgrows wanting to sleep in mom and dad's bed {every night},
i desperately hope she never stops snuggling with her mother.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

az living

we love living in arizona for so many reasons, but especially for it's gorgeous weather.
while our friends and family are scraping the snow off their cars back home in salt lake, we're sitting on the lawn watching a baseball game {in the 85 degree temps}. it just isn't fair, is it?
spring training is the best.
last year we hit up an A's game, this year it was the cubs vs. {our very own} diamond backs.
nothing like throwing down a blanket, and sitting around eating dogs, and nachos, and big tall ice-cold sodas, with the people who mean the very most to you in the whole wide world.
it's heaven.
and spring training wouldn't be spring training without all those sun bathers. in fact, i'd be willing to bet that more than half the lawn tickets were purchased by people who love the sun way more than they love baseball.
check out this bikini clad woman in the photo below. i was pretty impressed as she demonstrated her ability to multi-task. she was able to get a tan, watch the baseball game, and exercise, all at the same time. she was really working those legs while she was standing there cheering for the cubs. squats, leg lifts,
you name it, she was doing it.

we ended up bailing after about 4 innings because we were dripping from the heat. go ahead now, feel sorry for us now.
after all, AZ living can be pretty rough.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


we were running late this morning.
i was rushing to get myself and asher ready for a dr's appointment,
and john was jumping in the shower with the objective of being ready for work in 20 minutes flat.
that left no one to get ruby ready...except for ruby.
i told her to run fast and pick out an outfit.
i figured she would throw a fit because she hates going anywhere alone - even if it's just to her bedroom.
surprisingly, she complied, obliging dix-d {our vicious yorkie guard dog} to accompany her.
she came back a few minutes later, looking like this.
not only did she pick out her own outfit,
but she fixed her own hair too.
she was so proud.
she came back into my room - totally beaming - and said,
mom, isn't this the most amazing hair-do?
everything inside of me wanted to say no, it's a bit troubling, actually, {i'm so grateful i didn't}.

alternatively, i smiled, and said,

it IS amazing ruby...and so are you.

{because she truly is.}

Sunday, March 27, 2011

elizabeth and rosie

i'd like to introduce you to elizabeth and rosie. ruby's babies.

we have had these pig hand-puppets for gosh, i'd say two years now...
so it's funny to me that ruby has just now discovered them.
over the past three days, she has taken a personal interest in their comfort and well-being;
and in fact, has hardly left their side.
she makes sure that their diapers are changed regularly, that they have food to eat, and that all other needs are being met.
yesterday she informed me that elizabeth had just thrown up, and that she had taken care of it already.
i told her she was a wonderful mommy.
on friday she and the piglets watched charlotte's web upon her request.
she told me that she thought her babies would like it since it was a story about a pig. you know? something they could relate to.
this girl kills me with her sense of humor and downright unimaginable...


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

little helper

i experienced a brief moment of panic today when i couldn't find asher anywhere in the house.
i ran from room to room, calling his name.

and then i noticed that the back sliding glass door was open...

and there he was,
in his favorite pair of sister's boots,
pushing his trusty mower back and forth across our sad looking grass.

but hey, the lawnmower seems happy to finally be doing what he loves.


ruby just finished her 15th book this evening, meaning that tomorrow at school, she will become a 'teacher'.
she has been talking about this for weeks, and is totally excited to receive her teacher badge and be able to help her classmates with their reading.
she was a reading machine last week over spring break.
she took home 4 books, and finished them all.
in this reading program, each book must be read {to an adult} a total of 20 times.
that means she read almost 80 times last week.
whoa! that's a lot.
at one point during the week, though, she had had enough.
she announced to me that she no longer wanted to be a teacher, that she would rather just be a mom.
actually, she said, i want to be an artist mom, NOT a teacher mom.
i think what she really wanted, and most definitely needed at that point, was a nap.
she woke up feeling good, and ready to read again.
today, as she was finishing up her 15th book, she said to me, mom, this book is hard, but it is so funny.
and then she asked,
mom? why does ms. arlene use such old words?
i wasn't sure i understood what she was getting at, and had to ask for some clarification.
well, it's weird because ms. arlene puts all the old words in the books, like, nephi.
this girl is so funny.
it's been such a joy being able to witness this learning process,
and then to watch as she develops a love for reading.
who knows, maybe she actually will become a teacher some day.

although, she's still pretty set on being an artist mom.

Monday, March 21, 2011


what happened to the beautiful spring weather we've been having?
saturday was the best.
we spent a good portion of the day outside just soaking up the beauty of it all.
the scent of the orange blossoms was overpowering.
i couldn't get enough of it.
i even blogged about it, but sadly, that post still sits in my drafts folder.
i have way too many of know, the ones that were started, but for one reason or another, never finished?
it makes me sad. maybe one day i'll just go back through and finish them all, and then publish them. wouldn't that be fun. there's probably 20 or more of them.
not today though.
that rain makes me want to do one thing, and one thing only...
get back into my bed, and snuggle with my rube.
so that's exactly what we'll do.
and i'm pretty sure the rain decided to come today, just because we had big plans to hit up a middle of the day spring training game.

just my luck.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

i can cabay the mandments

We recently decided to split our family home evenings into two nights.
On Sundays, we have a spiritual message or lesson;
and on mondays, we go out and do something fun together.
Tonight we were reviewing Ruby's primary lesson from earlier today -
which was on baptism.
We talked about the importance of baptism,
we talked about Christ's baptism,
we talked about John the Baptist,
we discussed the significance of wearing white,
and the symbolism in being immersed fully in the water.
We talked about the importance of being baptized by one who has the proper authority.
And we explained to her that once she reaches the age of 8 - which is the age of accountability - she, herself, will have the opportunity to follow the Savior by entering the waters of baptism.
Her eyes lit up at that.
We then proceeded to ask her a few questions,
Ruby, what are some things you can be doing now to prepare for your own baptism?

Ummmm, well...

I can read my scriptures,
I can say my prayers,
and I can cabay all the mandments.

So befitting of such perfect childlike innocence.

I wish she could stay like this forever.

Plus I've been loving her pajama ensembles lately.
Tonight she picked out a Christmas top, some Halloween bottoms, and a pair of Easter ankle socks.

I love her so much, I can't stand it.

Friday, March 18, 2011

green grub

One day, when my kids are older, and have {hopefully} developed an appreciation for fine foods - our St. Patrick's Day dinner menu might read something like this:

emerald-isle green on greens salad
blarney soup
glazed corned beef, carrots, parsnips, and cabbage
irish brown soda bread
dubliner cheese tart

But because they are kids - and would just as soon eat chicken nuggets and macaroni & cheese every night for dinner - our special st. patrick's dinner menu, in reality, was a far cry from anything irish, and more of just a giant green spread:

fruit platter - granny smith apples, green grape clumps, sliced kiwi, cubed honeydew
green fruit dip
veggie tray - celery sticks, cucumbers, broccoli florets, green bell-pepper strips
green veggie dip
green and white glass block jello
dad's white irishman and jones sodas to drink
and key lime tarts for dessert

added bonus: mini pot of gold place settings for everyone.

The kids {and john} thought it was the coolest...which in mom's book, translates to - SUCCESS.

And also, in honor of St. Patty's day,

An Old Irish blessing
for all {five} of my readers:

May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.
May all life's passing seasons
bring the best to you and yours!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


i'm the luckiest.

big big plans for today. stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


this little boy is the best.
i seriously love him more and more every day.
he's quirky, and fun, and adventurous, and full of more life than anyone i know.
he's happy, and funny, and good natured, and just so completely unique...sometimes even downright crazy.
but that's exactly what i love about him.
today i told him we were going to the river with some friends.
he ran into the garage, and came back with this snow hat (woven by yours truly) atop his little noggin', and his favorite pair of hot pink vampire teeth inside his mouth.
i'm ready, he insisted.
and so off to the river we went. it's 90 degrees out there, for cryin' out loud.
you see what i mean?
he turns every ordinary moment into something extraordinary.
i'll tell you one life turned far from ordinary the moment he entered it,
and i thank my Heavenly Father every day for trusting me {and blessing me} with such an extraordinary gift.

Monday, March 14, 2011


i'm hanging on to these. they may be of great use to me at some future point.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a little piece of sunshine

the world lost a little piece of sunshine today

we just found out that our dear friend and "grandpa" george passed away this morning.

our poor little hearts can hardly handle it.

so many memories and so much love.

may God bless and keep you, sweet george...

'til we meet again.

Monday, March 7, 2011

the whole live long day

does anyone else loathe ironing as much as i do?
i doubt it.
i guess if i wouldn't let it pile up like i do, then it wouldn't turn into such a daunting chore.
but alas, this is what i did all day long...

...while the children watched episode upon episode of charlie and lola.
when they started speaking to each other in british accents,
i concluded that they had viewed one charlie and lola too many.

on the plus side, i should have a pretty happy husband tonight when he takes a peek into his closet - which has been completely destitute of work attire for...well...probably months now.

rango for family night tonight. hip hip.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

the joys of sharing

john and i are down to just one car right now.
the one i usually drive has been sitting in our driveway for a week now,
with either a bad battery, or a bad alternator.
hopefully we can get it taken care of soon,
because i feel like i am now spending more time in the car, than i am at home.
makes me realize just how much john does for me when we both have a car to drive.
just the fact that he takes ruby to school every morning, i've discovered, is HUGE.
already today, i've backed out, and pulled into my driveway, probably more times than i have fingers to count.
to bootcamp and back,
to the grocery store and back,
to drop ruby off at school and back,
to pick ruby up from school and back,
to the grocery store and back
(you'd think i'd just go ahead and get everything in one trip...but no, i like to complicate things),
and finally, to pick ruby up from playgroup and back.

all before 1:15 in the afternoon.
phewww. i'm ready for a nap.

and i'd like my car back.