Tuesday, March 29, 2011


we were running late this morning.
i was rushing to get myself and asher ready for a dr's appointment,
and john was jumping in the shower with the objective of being ready for work in 20 minutes flat.
that left no one to get ruby ready...except for ruby.
i told her to run fast and pick out an outfit.
i figured she would throw a fit because she hates going anywhere alone - even if it's just to her bedroom.
surprisingly, she complied, obliging dix-d {our vicious yorkie guard dog} to accompany her.
she came back a few minutes later, looking like this.
not only did she pick out her own outfit,
but she fixed her own hair too.
she was so proud.
she came back into my room - totally beaming - and said,
mom, isn't this the most amazing hair-do?
everything inside of me wanted to say no, it's a bit troubling, actually, {i'm so grateful i didn't}.

alternatively, i smiled, and said,

it IS amazing ruby...and so are you.

{because she truly is.}


buddens said...

so cute! that's my favorite when you can tell kids have gotten themselves ready. it shows so much of their innocence, i can't get enough.

Arlene said...

Miss Arlene thought you looked fabulous, Ruby! You made me smile when you walked into preschool. :)

Blackner Family said...

When you are as beautiful as Ruby you can totally pull off any look!! We often call our daughter Baylee Punky Brewster because of her outfit choices! It cracks us up!

Jackie said...

What a precious little face!