Wednesday, March 30, 2011

az living

we love living in arizona for so many reasons, but especially for it's gorgeous weather.
while our friends and family are scraping the snow off their cars back home in salt lake, we're sitting on the lawn watching a baseball game {in the 85 degree temps}. it just isn't fair, is it?
spring training is the best.
last year we hit up an A's game, this year it was the cubs vs. {our very own} diamond backs.
nothing like throwing down a blanket, and sitting around eating dogs, and nachos, and big tall ice-cold sodas, with the people who mean the very most to you in the whole wide world.
it's heaven.
and spring training wouldn't be spring training without all those sun bathers. in fact, i'd be willing to bet that more than half the lawn tickets were purchased by people who love the sun way more than they love baseball.
check out this bikini clad woman in the photo below. i was pretty impressed as she demonstrated her ability to multi-task. she was able to get a tan, watch the baseball game, and exercise, all at the same time. she was really working those legs while she was standing there cheering for the cubs. squats, leg lifts,
you name it, she was doing it.

we ended up bailing after about 4 innings because we were dripping from the heat. go ahead now, feel sorry for us now.
after all, AZ living can be pretty rough.


Rachel said...

I'm not feeling sorry for you as I sit here with my 2 layers of clothing and slippers to keep warm. (:

Colleen said...

yes...i would be one of those snow scrapping people you refered to. I am jealous!