Friday, April 6, 2012

two months

what has happened to the time?
i can't believe our little bug is already two months old.
i also can't believe how much more complete my life seems now that he's in it.
it's amazing how such a tiny little person can have such a profound impact on so many souls.
our family is forever and ever changed because of jude...and for the better, of course.
our little guy is growing up and doing so many fantastic things.
one of my personal favorites is that he started sleeping through the night just this week!
he's done it 3 nights in a row so far, so i'm just crossing my fingers it sticks.
i'd be one happy mama, for sure...and maybe the dark circles and bags under my eyes, could once and for all, become things of the past.
on st. patrick's day our little mister started grinning like it was nobody's business...and he hasn't stopped since.
all we have to do is smile at him, and he smiles back.
it's that easy.
no wonder the Savior taught us to become as a little child.
if we were all as quick to smile at one another, as a babe is at his mother, i think the world would be such a happier place.
love would abound, wouldn't it?
a smile is a pretty powerful thing.
jude rolled over from his back to his stomach for the first time just last night. i laid him on the bed while i ran to grab his pajamas, and when i came back, by golly, he was on his stomach!
before i even realize it, he'll be walking right out of the room.
he finally graduated from his newborn diapers, and is now wearing a size one. i weighed him this morning and he's 10 pounds 2 ounces already! i feel like he's gotten so big, but it's crazy to think that his brother still weighed 8 ounces more than birth! ouch!
(i know i always say it, but asher's birth mom is one of my heroes for sure!)

these last couple of months, as i've cared for a newborn, i've been given the chance to slow down a so doing, i have been able to reflect and feel grateful for the blessing and miracle of being able to raise such choose spirits. each one is so individual and unique. every day they remind me how great my purpose in this life is, and how incredibly blessed i am to be a mother...
and not just ANY mother...
but THEIR mother.

happy two months, my sweet jude. we all just absolutely love and adore you.