Friday, May 7, 2010

an eternity

John and I celebrated 6 years of marriage this week. It seems weird that we've only been together six years (well 8 if you count the two years we dated), because to me it feels like we've been hand in hand our entire lives. We enjoyed a perfect dinner together on the patio of a fancy restaurant. The weather was flawless -not too hot, not too cold - just that untainted, exquisite, room temperature feel. That's always my favorite. Walking outside and not feeling a thing. The sunset was beautiful. We were able to relish in it's delicacy as we sat on the dock waiting for our gondola ride. We laughed as we viewed the silly pictures we had taken of each other on our camera's lcd screen...and we also got some amusement out of our matching plaid outfits - which, surprisingly, were not planned.

After explaining the fortuity of our situation to our gondolier, she concluded that our relationship must be destined, because - not only were our shirts plaid - their pigments were also complimentary on the color wheel. Imagine that.

I like to think that our marriage was destined for (and because of) reasons far more important and substantial than just a coincidental coordinating accouterment. But it was a cute thought. Our boat ride around the lake was perfect and romantic...well, for the most part...we actually had to exert a great deal of restraint to avoid laughing while we were being serenaded to. I'm so glad the poor girl was behind us so as to not see the tears streaming down my cheeks and onto my lap...and I certainly hope it was too dark for her to notice how bad our bodies were shaking as we silently split our sides. It was so ill-suited - but at the same time - so outside of our ability to control. She had a beautiful, effortless sound, which reverberated across the entire lake; and the bay's acoustics were unparalleled. It just caught us off guard when she belted out that first note - which we were never fully able to recover from. And unfortunately (or fortunately) - for the 10 minutes she sang - the two of us worked our abs extensively.

I love my John. I love spending time with him. I love talking with him, and laughing with him (even when it's sometimes inappropriate). He has rightfully earned the role of being my best friend. I can't imagine my life without him, nor do I remember much about my life before he entered it. It really just feels like we've been together for an eternity...and maybe it's because...we have.

Happy anniversary, my sweet.