Thursday, January 31, 2008

wonder of wonders! miracle of miracles!

Ruby decided she wanted to be a "big girl" today and try out the big girl potty. During lunch she announced "poop mommy!". Consequently, I quickly unbuckled her, helped her down, and - hand in hand - we ran to the bathroom. I helped her take down her pants, remove her diaper, and positioned her atop the royal throne...nothing stopping her from doing her duty. Well, that's exactly what she did; and as her mother, I couldn't have been more proud!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

her four b's...

1) her binky
2) her bwanket
3) her boduw (which means bottle or sippy cup)
4) her baby

It's our nightly ritual. She goes through the checklist; and believe me, she won't go down if even one of them is unaccounted for.

Monday, January 28, 2008

momma's helper

This afternoon I caught Ruby dumping the contents of my water jug onto the coffee table. I explained to her that we don't do that, and then after retrieving a rag, preceded to teach her how to clean it up. I left her alone for a few moments and returned to witness this...

Just thought it was so cute, and couldn't pass up the opportunity to share it.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

great loss...

President Hinckley, our beloved prophet of nearly 13 years, passed away this evening, and I am at a complete loss for words. Due to the fact that we are both at different stages of an unwelcome illness, John and I retired to our bed early...but I just couldn't sleep. A million thoughts are circulating my mind, many of which have settled in my heart, while others have made themselves manifest through my tears. But I still lack the words to fully express my feelings upon hearing the news, and how I feel this very moment. I guess what I can say, and have no problem expressing is my love for President Hinckley. I love President Hinckley. He became the Prophet when I was a senior in high school. He was the prophet whose signature adorned my mission call, and subsequently was the prophet I taught about and testified of on a daily basis in my field of labor as a missionary. He was the prophet whose words I turned to and sought out as solace in times of sorrow, grief, and loss. Within weeks of returning home from my mission, I was privileged to attend a session of general conference in the newly erected conference center. There I sat on the second row, my heart full to bursting by the grandeur of the edifice and the spirit that was so prevalent therein. I'll never forget when President Hinckley walked in. He was so close, I felt like I could reach out and touch him. The spirit once again confirmed to me that he was the the prophet of the world. When the session concluded, he stood up to face the saints who had assembled to hear his voice. And this is the part that will forever and ever be etched in my memory and in my heart. He looked at me, and as his eyes connected with mine, and with a smile embellishing his face, he raised his cane and vigorously waved it at me and the entire congregation. I will never forget the joy that leapt into my heart upon receiving such a tender mercy from my Heavenly Father.
President Hinckley will always be remembered for the life he lived and for the legacy he left behind. I can't help but find a glimmer of light in the fact that while I, and the rest of the church, and still many who are not members, mourn his loss; the Heavens and all of its inhabitants must be singing praises to the most high God for his long awaited return home. And I can't help but smile when I think about the reunion that is now taking place between him and his beloved sweetheart, Marjorie.
I imagine I will live to see many prophets sustained, and be touched by their ministry; but never will I forget the profound affect that this beloved oracle and prophet, even Gordon B. Hinckley, has had on my life.
I will forever and ever hold the example of his life, his teachings, even his legacy, safe in my heart...and immutable in my soul.

God bless President Hinckley

...until we meet again.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

i'm trying to be like Jesus...

Ruby just melts my heart. Literally, on a daily basis, she melts my heart. Although she is very busy, and active, and in to everything...I'm still just loving this stage because she is actually beginning to grasp and comprehend things. She's really loving books lately. She has this particular board book called I'm trying to be like Jesus, which, basically, is nothing more than the lyrics to the primary song (sharing the same title) - put to pictures. This book just happens to be one of Ruby's favorites, mainly - I think, because of the illustrations. Whenever I read it to her, I sing the words to the song as we turn the pages, and look at the pictures together.

Yesterday when Ruby woke up from her nap, I heard her in her crib singing softly to herself, "I twying...wike Jesus". I couldn't believe it, but was loving every minute of it (while standing outside her door) as she repeated the same line several times.

I know that my little Ruby knows her Savior. We as her parents have testimonies of the Lord's divinity, but (at least I, as her mother) really cannot take credit for her budding testimony. She just knows her Savior. She spots Him everywhere. She'll point him out in pictures and paintings, she lights up if there is a bust of Christ, or a christus in the room. And sometimes she'll even say "Jesus", out of the blue, with no tangible evidence of Him in sight. Evidence to me that the veil is very thin. These are the moments I love and cherish...for it is in midst of these, that I realize just how close our Savior really is. A lesson I learned from my 19 month old, angel-daughter.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This past weekend John and I enjoyed the opportunity of watching Lori's kids while she and Joe enjoyed Las Vegas together. I cannot express enough how much I absolutely adore these children. They are kind, and obedient, and funny, and smart, and so, so easy to take care of. And it's a definite plus that they like Ruby. Seriously it was even easier taking care of my own daughter simply because she enjoyed herself so well in the company of her cousins. It's usually when she's bored at home, that she gets into the most trouble. Probably nothing more than a cry for attention. Let's just say that she did not, in the least, lack one bit of attention this weekend. Her cousins just obsess over her...and she loves it, and I love it.
I must say that Ruby and James (4 years old), formed quite the camaraderie. Wherever James went, there was Ruby, too...and vice versa. They never tired of a kiss or hug from one another, and were constantly laughing and playing around with each other. In fact, if I were the betting type, I'd wager that James had a puppy love crush on my little Ruby Girl.

I just happen to walk in the room where all the kids were watching cartoons, to find Ruby and James holding hands like this! I had to run and get my camera!

James was so kind to let Ruby wear his "Cars" pj's, after she advertently threw her own into the bath tub. He then ran in and put on a second pair of "Cars" pj's so that they could be twins!

Lori and Joe have this amazing slide in their house that goes from the upstairs playroom, down into the family room/kitchen. The kids love it! Here they all are after church, "training it" all the way down!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

a year of blogging...

I've just been looking back over the last year with gratitude in my heart for the bounteous blessings I've been given. I like to go back through my blog periodically, and read through old posts. I'm amazed at how much I can forget about in such a short amount of time. Oh how I wish my finite mind could recall every memory, every happy moment, every milestone, every epiphany, every thought, every bit of new knowledge, every emotion. But it can't, and that's why I'm glad I've documented so many of these things. I can't believe it's been a year since I started this thing. In retrospect, I'm able to see the growth that has taken place in so many ways; and at the commencement of a new year, I find myself feeling excited about it's opportunities. I have a wonderful husband, who is truly my best friend and soul mate; a beautiful, vivacious daughter; and I am surrounded by family members and friends whom I love and admire. John has been blessed with a great job - that holds a promising future - which has allowed us the blessing of owning a beautiful little home, in a quiet and safe neighborhood. Life is good, and I feel that it's only going to get better. I know that it imparts it's share of challenges and hardship; but these are the very things that help us grow; and which also assist in shaping our very being and character...
So here's to 2008 with all of it's goodness, excitement, and countless opportunities; but surely not without it's dull bleak moments, it's heartache, and it's ephemeral sorrows, too. Whatever it brings, you can most definitely count on me blogging all about it. So once again, here's to 2008, which also means- yet another year of blogging...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Our aunt worked as as 911 dispatcher, and took us in to the station one night where we got our very own "mugshots".

Today is the day that Aaron turns 29. Aaron is my brother, and he’s the closest to me in age…we’re 20 months apart. I guess because we’re so close in age, he’s the one I share the most childhood memories with. In fact, very few are my childhood memories that don’t include Aaron. We were the very best of friends, and even today, despite the miles that separate us, and notwithstanding the days and weeks that sometimes go by without any form of communication between us; we are still close. I hope he knows how important he is, and how our family just wouldn’t feel complete if – and for some strange reason - he weren’t a part of it. Even the world is a more colorful place...simply because of his existence.

So anyway, Aaron, Happy Birthday! In honor of you, and in celebration of your special day, here are 29 things I love about you…

1. When we were little, I had a really hard time saying “Aaron”. For some reason, it always came out sounding like oh-nie. The nickname “Onie” stuck, and for a few years, that’s what we all called him.
2. When he was two, he fell into our uncle’s swimming pool. No one could find him for quite some time. When our dad finally spotted a tear in the pool cover, he knew exactly where Aaron was. He immediately dove in after him, and pulled him out of the icy water, only to find that his son’s little body was lifeless. After some CPR to revive him, Aaron ended up being ok, but suffered with seizures for some time as a result of the accident. Ironically, today, Aaron loves the water and many water sports; and is an excellent swimmer.
3. Aaron has a brilliant mind. He did not get good grades in high school, simply because he didn’t apply himself. However, during a parent/teacher conference, his AP English teacher (who had been teaching for something like 17 years), told my parents that Aaron was probably the most brilliantly gifted student he had ever known.
4. In high school, Aaron was part of a group of friends who called themselves “the boys”. They were good kids, but were notorious for causing havoc. Most of their peers loved them...and most of their teachers loathed them.
5. He is still very close to “the boys”. Whenever he makes it out to Utah, he tries to get together with them for some b-ball and to reminisce in old times.
6. His first car was a little white truck named “Betsy”.
7. Aaron is a huge movie buff; but he’ll only go see it, if it got good reviews.
8. Currently he is in his 3rd year of dental school at Boston University.
9. He brushes his teeth several times a day.
10. Yes, he lives in Boston, but that does not mean he roots for the Red Socks. He is a Yankee’s fan through and through.
11. He married his sweetheart, Dorothy, in June of 2004. Anyone who knows both of them would say that they are a perfect match. In fact, when I really got to know her, I felt like she was the female version of my brother. John and I still laugh about how on their wedding day, after cutting the cake, Aaron left the piece of cake on the butcher knife and slowly raised it to Dorothy’s mouth. Most brides would have probably freaked out…but Dorothy, she just laughed as she carefully removed her bite from the blade that was only inches from her face.

12. Aaron is hilarious. Seriously, I don’t think I know anyone as clever and quick-witted as he is.
13. He’s a good cook, and makes a mean sloppy joe.
14. Aaron loves little dogs. His first little dog was a terrier/poodle mix, a mutt whom he begged our parents to be able to keep. Aaron named him Bootsie because of his four little white paws. Bootsie was a part of our family for years. I think Aaron was the most grief stricken by his loss. He and Dorothy now have a long haired Chihuahua named fleabag. (I’m pretty sure Aaron came up with that name, too!)
15. Aaron is an avid reader. He is always reading something, and rather than finish his current book before starting another, he’ll have five or six that he’s working on at any given time.
16. He loves music and appreciates a talented musician. He plays the guitar and has a really good voice. In college he formed a band with some of his boys. I enjoyed going to the “acoustic nights” to hear them play. Several times during the 2002 winter Olympics, he and a friend would ride TRAX back and forth from one end of the valley to the other, playing for the crowds of people who were traveling to their various venues. (If I’m not mistaken, they made some pretty good money doing this.)
17. Aaron does not like to shave. He has sensitive skin, and gets bad razor burn. When he was going to BYU, he got a special pass to be able to have facial hair. Over the years he has had some pretty funny beards…from his imperial, to his muttonchops, and everything in between. My favorite was his Abe Lincoln brush.

18. Despite his incessant teasing, mocking, pestering, and tantalizing, he is very loving and tender-hearted.
19. Aaron marches to the beat of his own drum. He is notorious for doing his own thing, and many times wanders off without telling a soul where he is going or what he’ll be doing. One time while at Lake Powell, we discovered that Aaron was missing. Hours went by, and none of us knew where he had gone, or when he was planning on returning. We had a sleepless night. He finally returned to us the next morning, but was weak, and dehydrated. He told us that had climbed atop a cliff to be able to get coverage for his cell phone, and then nightfall came too quickly, and it was too dark to find his way safely down. We seriously thought he was dead. Only now, years later, can we find some humor in the story. You see while Aaron was alone on that cliff, he began to feel dehydrated, and then remembered learning that if you start to become dehydrated (but have no access to any water), you should suck on a rock. Aaron reached for the nearest pebble, and as he began to suck, the rock began to dissolve. He hadn’t thought about the fact that the only rock you’ll find at Lake Powell…is sandstone. Poor guy.

Here he is at Lake Powell showing off his tan line (not to mention his abnormally skinny thigh).

20. Aaron is a pretty good artist, and is known for his funny cartoon character sketches. (Oh, and also for drawing weird shaped bums.)
21. He loves Coke.
22. His sisters idolize him.
23. He can lie down and sleep anywhere. He and my dad came to pick me up from my mission. One day we were out visiting one of my areas, when Aaron decided it was too hot and humid for him, and that he was too tired to go on. He then prostrated himself flat on the sidewalk, closed his eyes, and told us to come back for him later.
24. Another funny story about that trip was the night I saw him reading a Stephen King novel. I pleaded with him to stop, and cried for fear that if he didn’t, he’d begin sowing the seeds of his own spiritual destruction. (ha ha ha…we just laugh about that story now…missionaries sure can be extreme at times.)
25. Aaron has a knack for refinishing furniture. Shortly after they were married, he and Dorothy fixed up some old, junky dressers that my dad was going to take to the DI. John and I were floored when we saw the end result. Seriously, people would pay good money for something that looked that good.
26. Aaron loves finding a great pair of good fitting jeans (but then, who doesn’t?). One time he even found a great pair in one of the girls’ departments at Nordstrom. I couldn’t believe how they seemed to be custom-made to fit his body.
27. He is a natural leader.
28. He served an LDS mission in Uruguay. I admire him for going out when he did…just two months after our mom passed away. I know he was (and will be) blessed for his sacrifice. He was a good, faithful, and obedient missionary; and was loved by the people whom he served. (The people of my mission loved him, too.) He truly has a gift of being able to connect with all kinds of different people.
29. He loves the gospel and he loves the Lord.

I love you, Ace, and hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

the highlights...

Rather than document each and every activity, of each and every day - which would also run the risk of boring my readers - I will only expand upon some of the highlights of our holiday in Utah...

  • Our Christmas eve eve party with my family, which consisted of the reinstatement of some family traditions started by my mom. Our evening included, but was not limited to, a wonderful spread of finger foods, appetizers and hors d' oeuvres, an account of the Savior's birth read and complied by my dad (taken from New Testament verses as well as several from the Book of Mormon), new Pajamas, exchanging our homemade gifts, exchanging store bought gifts, eating some more, laughing, taking pictures, and loving being together.

  • Here we are in our brand new pj's!

    My dad kept tossing this stuffed Santa into Ruby's lap. Her facial expressions were hilarious and she'd let out a shrill cry every time!

    Ruby got a hold of Angie's phone. Later we found out that she had sent 17 blank texts!

  • Our Christmas eve party with John's family. My mother-in-law makes the best ham loaf, and she only makes it on Christmas eve because it's so time consuming. We had a wonderful dinner of ham loaf, scalloped potatoes, John's favorite seven layer salad, and Lion House rolls. Everything was so delish. Later that evening (despite the snow fall, and the fact that it was past the children's bedtime), we ventured out to see the lights on Temple Square. They were beautiful, as always; and as we discovered a few years ago, Christmas eve is a great time to go to have the place practically to yourself. After that we went back home for hot chocolate, warm chocolate chip cookies, and A Christmas Story.

  • Talking to Rachel on Christmas day. She was only given 45 minutes (as per her mission president). That was really hard considering there were about ten of us dying to talk to her. John and I enjoyed our 5 minutes of glory.

  • Seeing Ruby play with her baby doll. Since we were at John's mom's on Christmas eve, we stayed the night and therefore, on Christmas morn', were privileged to share in Ruby's excitement upon finding her gift from grandma Judy underneath the tree...a new baby doll!

  • Going to movies. In the course of two weeks, we managed to see 10 movies (that's an average of 1 movie every 1.5 days)! Some of my favorites include, The Great Debaters, Enchanted, August Rush, The Kite Runner, Lars and the Real Girl (if you can get past the strange premise, you'll find that in reality, it's a very heartwarming film), and Juno (despite some indecency, also very heartwarming, and full of great music).

  • Staying up late

  • Sleeping in

  • Eating out

  • Reconnecting with friends. Although I would have loved to have seen more friends, I'm happy that we at least got to meet up with Carol and her new baby Mark for lunch at Burger Supreme, Rania and Clint for dinner at Iggys (and to see their new home), and finally with some of John's mission friends and their wives for lunch at a fellow mission companion's Thai restaurant.

  • Amy's, Karen's, and Kim's birthday celebrations

  • Going to see I am Legend with John's family, and seeing how badly it freaked out Amy and Judy. As soon as it was over, Judy asserted her disgust "that was TERRIBLE!" she exclaimed; and Amy couldn't have agreed more..."I hated that movie!" was pretty much all she could say. The rest of us just laughed.

  • Games with my family

  • Holiday treats. For years I have wondered what ever happened to my mom's licorice caramel recipe that she made every Christmas. Well, after searching through just about every basket, box, and recipe book in the pantry, my sisters and I found it, and made a batch of the licorice and a batch of caramels (must be the reason I'm returning to AZ 10 pounds heavier!)

  • Snow storms. I didn't think I'd ever find myself saying this, but I loved having so much snow. It probably snowed (dumped) 5 or 6 times while we were there. In my opinion, Christmas doesn't feel like Christmas unless it's white.

  • My Christmas ornament from John. Every Christmas, since we began dating, John has surprised me with a special ornament that either pertained to something significant from the past year, or something important that we were anticipating. This year the ornament was of Mary holding the Christ Child, reminding me of the commitment we had made to each other as the season began, to focus on the Savior. In years to come, this special token will always help me remember the gift we gave each other this year...a gift to the Christ Child...a gift of service, sacrifice, and love.

  • My mini cokes tucked safe and warm inside my stocking. That Santa sure knows the way to my heart!

  • Another treasure nestled at the very bottom of the stocking...a new lens for my camera! Santa, you've really done it this time!

  • Seeing Ruby with her cousins

  • Here we are at the lights on Christmas Eve. It was bone-chilling cold. The kid hiding under the blanket is Ruby; George is beside her in the double stroller; and that's Charlie, hanging upside down!

    Madison, Simon, Ruby, and Lincoln

    Isn't this just precious of the two cousins and their hands?

  • Two trips to Barnes & Noble

  • Bringing in the new year by throwing hot dogs. Don't ask. It's a crazy tradition that John started our first new years together.

  • I don't know why this photo turned out so cloudy, but I had to post it because my dad decided to jump in for the picture. We had no idea until afterwards when we saw this creepy eye in between the two of us! Can you see it? hahahaha

  • The heaps and mounds of presents around the tree on Christmas morning.

  • Ruby showing off her personality and latest tricks. Usually when we travel to Utah, we're there for a week at most. It's not typically enough time for Ruby to warm up to everyone and feel comfortable just being herself. Being there for two weeks was the perfect amount of time for her to absolutely shine. She totally fell in love with everyone, and will be noted for following people around the house and chanting their names.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

plagued with worriment...

To say that I loved being in Utah over the holidays would be a serious understatement. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that the thought of having to leave, plagued me with worriment. Very comparable, in fact, to the feelings I experienced as a student, as Christmas break or summer vacation began to vanish before my eyes. Realizing that it would all pass too quickly and before I knew it, I'd be thrown back into the mundane, day-to-day routine of it all. The tests, the papers, the homework, the studying, the social pressure, the early mornings, and so on...and so on. Why couldn't the fun have lasted forever? However, despite the fears and anxieties that I consistently experienced, it was inevitable that once I went back, it was actually okay. It was always fun to see my friends again. It was always fun to learn new subjects, and have some structure return to my life. The very things that I had dreaded, were the very things that I needed the most. I had to remind myself of that, when periodically throughout our trip, I'd wake up during the night in a panic upon realizing that we only had 5 more days, and then four...and then just three...two, one. I had to remind myself on our drive home that everything would be okay, but the perpetual racing of my heart interrupted my ability to think reasonably. And while entering the gate that encircles our community, and trying to control my heart from thumping inside my throat, I once again had to remind myself that life in AZ is every bit as good as life in UT. Remember the line from the movie Ever After, when Danielle arrives to the party and has to tell herself "Just Breathe"? I too, had to literally tell myself to stop this insanity, and just take a breath. Breathe in, breathe out. (Sigh) Well you know what? It worked. And you know what? I've been home for almost three full days, and I feel okay. I feel good about the fact that we're all unpacked. I feel good about the fact that Christmas is taken down (except the outside lights). I don't feel good about the mounds of laundry that I still have to tackle; but nonetheless, I feel good. Once again, the very things I had previously apprehended about our return home, are the very things that I need right now, the very things that will fill my life with structure and purpose, the very things that will provide me the strength and courage to persevere on a righteous path, and those that will surely bring me much anticipated joy and happiness.

Monday, January 7, 2008

my sister...

My sister, Kim turns 23 today. Was it really twenty three years ago that our family was blessed with such a beautiful addition? A perfect baby girl. Ahhh, I think I must have been more excited than anyone else. Not that I didn't completely love and adore my two younger brothers, but there's nothing quite like a sweet baby sister. I remember being so excited that I was able to share a room with her, too. My parents even wallpapered the panels of her crib to match the decor of my bedroom. I reveled in the many opportunities I was given to develop my motherly skills...through helping to dress her, feed her, bathe her, rock her to sleep. I even learned how to change a diaper. As I became a teenager however, it wasn't quite as thrilling having a sister 8 years my junior. If ever I had a boy over, she delighted in embarrassing me. She loved to run in the room and show off, and laugh, and be obnoxious. I couldn't have my girlfriends over either, without Kim making an invasion on our private affairs. When Kim grew to be about my size, I have many vivid memories of our arguments over clothes. Clothes. What a dumb thing to fight about. Anyway, we hit a few rough patches over the years. I'm sure she resented the fact, too, that after our mom passed away, I instinctively took on more of a motherly role, and neglected my duties of being a fun, loving, and supportive big sister. Now that many years have passed. Now that we've both moved out of our parent's house. Now that we're both married. Now that we've both become mothers. I feel that our relationship is better than it has ever been. She's no longer my baby girl, and I no longer feel like I have to be her mom. Now we're just sisters experiencing the same joys and challenges of life. Now we're kindred spirits. Now we're the closest of friends.

In celebration of the past 23 years, here are 23 things about Kim.

1) When she was a child she had the cutest, raspiest voice; and for awhile, had difficulty pronouncing her R's.
2) One day when she was in kindergarten, and unbeknownst to any of us, she wore one of my bras to school. For show-and-tell, she stood in front of the entire class and announced, while lifting her shirt high above her head, "this is my big sistuw's bwa". The teacher immediately phoned my mom to inform her of the incident, and together they had a great laugh.
3) Ever since she was a very young student, she had expressed an interest in writing. If ever asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she always responded "a writer". She's always had a talent for writing poetry and short stories. She has always kept a journal, and even writes in several at a time. Recently, during a visit to her apartment, she revealed to me a giant stack of journals and notebooks that resided next to her couch. Kim has a wonderful talent for expressing herself through her writing.
4) She has an idea for a novel, and is currently in the process of writing it.
5) I love Kim's hair. She might argue that it's too thick, and too curly; but I think it's beautiful, and has the perfect amount of texture and body.
6) Kim loves to be comfortable. She often changes in to her pj's immediately upon returning home from work. Many times while hanging out at our dad's house, too, she'll ask our younger sisters if they might loan her something more comfortable than what she arrived in.
7) She can't eat onions. They make her throat swell.
8) She has a really pretty, bright, shining smile. It reminds me of our mom's smile.
9) In fact, as Kim has gotten older, she reminds me so much, and in so many ways, of mom.
10) Kim plays the bagpipes. She has always wanted to learn to pipe, and for the past two years, has been working on her dream.
11) In high school and college, Kim always had to have a boyfriend. She'd break up with one, and have a new one the next day. They, for the most part, were really strange boys, too. One can only imagine our relief when, after a really bad break up with a really creepy guy, she brought Christian home. We all knew that he was a keeper, and has been a wonderful husband to Kim.

12) Many thought it unwise for her to marry so young (age 20). However, she has proved to everyone that she is perfectly capable and completely responsible in fulfilling her duties as a wife, mother, and homemaker. She truly has grown up, and is wise beyond her years.
13) She is a really hard worker. As a teenager, she was only interested in having fun, hanging out with friends, and skating out of as much work as she could. You know this type...those with the "yellow" personality. She quickly grew out of all of that. Yes, she still loves to have fun and hang out with friends and family; but, is now, one of the hardest workers I know.
14) She works for Nordstrom in the BP department.
15) She became a mom this last year. I love watching her love, care for, and nurture her little baby boy.

16) Kim is a mean hip-hopper. In college, we took a hip-hop class together (along with John, his twin brother, Scott, and our good friend, Dan). That class was a riot. For our first test, Kim and I wore matching head-to-toe silver outfits that we had found at a thrift store. We then coerced the guys (John, Scott, and Dan) into wearing matching silver ties, hats, and vests. No one else in the class dressed up for the tests.
17) She does the best (what we call) "table bum". She arches her back and sticks out her backside so far that you could literally balance a cup and saucer on it...hence deserving the title- table bum.
18) Kim got me hooked on LOST. Now if only I could convince her to watch seasons 1-5 of 24.
19) She has a great sense of humor, and loves to laugh.
12) She loves the Savior and has a strong testimony of the truthfulness of His gospel.
21) She was involved in student government in junior high and high school. She was very well liked, and had lots of friends and admirers. Oh yeah, and she loved to be the center of attention, and life of the party.
22) Kim has never really liked sports. Neither of us are athletes, and hate playing anything with super competitive, die-hard sport's fanatics. Recently, however, I have seen her take an interest in some of the pro teams and players so that she could share in one of her husband's greatest hobbies. I thought that was pretty unselfish of her.
23) She is a true disciple of Christ. She honors the first and second great commandments. She loves her God, and she loves other people. I have literally watched her break down and cry as she witnesses someone else's feelings being hurt. And I know she has been affected by many of these instances long after they took place. She really does have a loving and compassionate heart, and does her best to look out for the comfort and well being of those around her.

Happy Birthday, my sweet, sweet sister!