Monday, January 7, 2008

my sister...

My sister, Kim turns 23 today. Was it really twenty three years ago that our family was blessed with such a beautiful addition? A perfect baby girl. Ahhh, I think I must have been more excited than anyone else. Not that I didn't completely love and adore my two younger brothers, but there's nothing quite like a sweet baby sister. I remember being so excited that I was able to share a room with her, too. My parents even wallpapered the panels of her crib to match the decor of my bedroom. I reveled in the many opportunities I was given to develop my motherly skills...through helping to dress her, feed her, bathe her, rock her to sleep. I even learned how to change a diaper. As I became a teenager however, it wasn't quite as thrilling having a sister 8 years my junior. If ever I had a boy over, she delighted in embarrassing me. She loved to run in the room and show off, and laugh, and be obnoxious. I couldn't have my girlfriends over either, without Kim making an invasion on our private affairs. When Kim grew to be about my size, I have many vivid memories of our arguments over clothes. Clothes. What a dumb thing to fight about. Anyway, we hit a few rough patches over the years. I'm sure she resented the fact, too, that after our mom passed away, I instinctively took on more of a motherly role, and neglected my duties of being a fun, loving, and supportive big sister. Now that many years have passed. Now that we've both moved out of our parent's house. Now that we're both married. Now that we've both become mothers. I feel that our relationship is better than it has ever been. She's no longer my baby girl, and I no longer feel like I have to be her mom. Now we're just sisters experiencing the same joys and challenges of life. Now we're kindred spirits. Now we're the closest of friends.

In celebration of the past 23 years, here are 23 things about Kim.

1) When she was a child she had the cutest, raspiest voice; and for awhile, had difficulty pronouncing her R's.
2) One day when she was in kindergarten, and unbeknownst to any of us, she wore one of my bras to school. For show-and-tell, she stood in front of the entire class and announced, while lifting her shirt high above her head, "this is my big sistuw's bwa". The teacher immediately phoned my mom to inform her of the incident, and together they had a great laugh.
3) Ever since she was a very young student, she had expressed an interest in writing. If ever asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she always responded "a writer". She's always had a talent for writing poetry and short stories. She has always kept a journal, and even writes in several at a time. Recently, during a visit to her apartment, she revealed to me a giant stack of journals and notebooks that resided next to her couch. Kim has a wonderful talent for expressing herself through her writing.
4) She has an idea for a novel, and is currently in the process of writing it.
5) I love Kim's hair. She might argue that it's too thick, and too curly; but I think it's beautiful, and has the perfect amount of texture and body.
6) Kim loves to be comfortable. She often changes in to her pj's immediately upon returning home from work. Many times while hanging out at our dad's house, too, she'll ask our younger sisters if they might loan her something more comfortable than what she arrived in.
7) She can't eat onions. They make her throat swell.
8) She has a really pretty, bright, shining smile. It reminds me of our mom's smile.
9) In fact, as Kim has gotten older, she reminds me so much, and in so many ways, of mom.
10) Kim plays the bagpipes. She has always wanted to learn to pipe, and for the past two years, has been working on her dream.
11) In high school and college, Kim always had to have a boyfriend. She'd break up with one, and have a new one the next day. They, for the most part, were really strange boys, too. One can only imagine our relief when, after a really bad break up with a really creepy guy, she brought Christian home. We all knew that he was a keeper, and has been a wonderful husband to Kim.

12) Many thought it unwise for her to marry so young (age 20). However, she has proved to everyone that she is perfectly capable and completely responsible in fulfilling her duties as a wife, mother, and homemaker. She truly has grown up, and is wise beyond her years.
13) She is a really hard worker. As a teenager, she was only interested in having fun, hanging out with friends, and skating out of as much work as she could. You know this type...those with the "yellow" personality. She quickly grew out of all of that. Yes, she still loves to have fun and hang out with friends and family; but, is now, one of the hardest workers I know.
14) She works for Nordstrom in the BP department.
15) She became a mom this last year. I love watching her love, care for, and nurture her little baby boy.

16) Kim is a mean hip-hopper. In college, we took a hip-hop class together (along with John, his twin brother, Scott, and our good friend, Dan). That class was a riot. For our first test, Kim and I wore matching head-to-toe silver outfits that we had found at a thrift store. We then coerced the guys (John, Scott, and Dan) into wearing matching silver ties, hats, and vests. No one else in the class dressed up for the tests.
17) She does the best (what we call) "table bum". She arches her back and sticks out her backside so far that you could literally balance a cup and saucer on it...hence deserving the title- table bum.
18) Kim got me hooked on LOST. Now if only I could convince her to watch seasons 1-5 of 24.
19) She has a great sense of humor, and loves to laugh.
12) She loves the Savior and has a strong testimony of the truthfulness of His gospel.
21) She was involved in student government in junior high and high school. She was very well liked, and had lots of friends and admirers. Oh yeah, and she loved to be the center of attention, and life of the party.
22) Kim has never really liked sports. Neither of us are athletes, and hate playing anything with super competitive, die-hard sport's fanatics. Recently, however, I have seen her take an interest in some of the pro teams and players so that she could share in one of her husband's greatest hobbies. I thought that was pretty unselfish of her.
23) She is a true disciple of Christ. She honors the first and second great commandments. She loves her God, and she loves other people. I have literally watched her break down and cry as she witnesses someone else's feelings being hurt. And I know she has been affected by many of these instances long after they took place. She really does have a loving and compassionate heart, and does her best to look out for the comfort and well being of those around her.

Happy Birthday, my sweet, sweet sister!


Kira Joy said...

Kim is gorgeous and oh so sweet (and after reading this, I feel like she is my kindred...except the table bum, but then again, I've never tried it ;D)

Amber and Dallas said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet sister. She definately is related to you - with all the nice things you said about her and her beautiful smile. Are you guys back in AZ??

Blackner Family said...

Happy Birthday Kim! I always love how thought out and kind your birthday entries are. I am always in awe by how good you are at remembering and noticing details of others. I especially loved the "yellow" personality comment which I can totally relate to because I am a total yellow personality too!!

Brooke said...

Wow, long time no post hu! I hope you had a good time, I'm glad you're back finally.... but we're both lonesome tonight! Talk to ya soon!

diana rose said...

i laughed so hard at the show and tell story... hilarious!

what fun sisters you must be, i hope my kids are as close as all of you and your siblings seem to be.

welcome back, you were missed!

buddens said...

The Kindergarten bra story is so hilarious! And I know exactly what a table bum is! My little sister can do the same thing and it really is quite a site to see! So funny, I'll have to tell her there's someone else out there that is her competition. We used to jump on her back and she'd give us piggy back rides, but we barely had to hold on, it was so stable! I always love your tributes!