Friday, August 29, 2008

living the american dream...

We now have a girl...and a boy. What more could we ask for?

It's amazing how just adding one more child to the clan makes our family feel so complete - well maybe complete isn't the right word, because we are far from being done - but it suddenly feels to me like we're a real family. There's nothing better than that feeling...knowing that you are part of a special unit of people who love you...and having people to love and care for in return. I can't think of anything better than this "american dream" I am living. I feel so blessed.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

he's only a week old...

but he is not a weak boy.

In fact, today he rolled over for the very first time. I had him on his stomach while I was taking some pictures, and he suddenly, using his arm as leverage, flipped himself over and onto his back. I was stunned...especially since (if I'm remembering right) Ruby was close to five months before she rolled over for the first time.
Something else that has me baffled is that he already sleeps though the night! Last night he slept for 8 1/2 hours straight! Then, after I finally fed him at 7:30 this morning, he fell asleep again for another 4 hours!
He is such a perfect baby, who has already blessed our family in so many ways.

Sweet baby Asher, your momma loves you so much - as do your daddy and big sister...

Perhaps one day you'll understand how uniquely special and truly loved you really are.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

ruby meets her bruhder...

We were supposed to sign the papers and be able to take Asher home with us today... but there was a minor setback. Due to our birth mom's rigorous delivery, her doctor decided to keep her in the hospital an extra day. She requested that the baby stay with her until she be discharged. We were totally fine with that, as we have been telling her all along to take as much time as she needs. This whole experience has given me cause to reflect back to the long, black night in which I held my little Isaac's cold, lifeless body. I recall, as if it were yesterday, dreading the moment that I would have to finally let go. I remember how kind the nurses were as they told us we could take as much time as we needed. I probably took more time than they were expecting, but I'm so glad that I wasn't required to hand him over to the undertaker until I was emotionally ready to do so. I knew that I couldn't hold him forever, but it was comforting to know that no one was rushing me into anything. I think that whole experience makes me a little more empathetic towards our birth mom and what she is momentarily going through. In many ways it must feel to her like I'm the undertaker coming to take her baby away. I hope that today she was able to feel like she was given the time that she needed. She was so sweet to invite us to come back to the hospital and visit for a while. We took Ruby so that she could finally meet her baby brother, as we've been talking him up for months. She was in complete awe with his every feature.

I got the biggest rush as I held both my children in my lap, and watched as my daughter studied my son's face, and then his hands, on down to his tiny little feet (which in reality are huge!).

I know that Ruby will be such a wonderful big sister. We have been doing our best to prepare her for the changes that will be taking place, and I have a feeling she will do just fine. I'm excited for what the future holds. I'm excited for the events and changes that will be happening over the next few days and weeks. But most of all, I'm just excited for tomorrow to finally be able to take our beautiful, perfect, and long awaited, baby boy...home.

This last one was too sweet to not post. I thought it was so touching to watch John with his little son.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


our newest addition...

Asher Jordan

All I can say is that I'm glad I didn't have to push out that 10lb 10oz, 22 inch long baby...I literally don't think I could have done it. Asher's birth mom is my newest hero. I love and respect her so much, and feel forever indebted to her for her selfless sacrifice. She gave us a gift today that only God himself can give. She is by far one of the most Christ-like people I know.
My heart is full to overflowing with joy, and gratitude, and excitement, and anticipation to be the mother of this perfect baby boy; but also it aches for the beautiful girl who carried our child for 9 months, and who labored for 17 hours, and who exerted everything she had (and then some) to deliver an 11 pound baby. And who, in less than 24 hours will be kissing him goodbye, and then walking away from him forever. Tonight all the honor goes to her. May God bless her, and keep her, and wrap his loving arms around her.

Monday, August 4, 2008

let's go on a trip...

I snapped this shot a couple of weeks ago. Ruby had climbed inside of this giant basket and then proposed something rather unexpected..."let's go on a trip, mom and dad!" she declared.

My dear Ruby, how I would love to take you to see the whole wide world...but for now, all I can offer you is an oversized wicker basket in which to sit and make believe.

One day we shall see it all...