Sunday, March 27, 2011

elizabeth and rosie

i'd like to introduce you to elizabeth and rosie. ruby's babies.

we have had these pig hand-puppets for gosh, i'd say two years now...
so it's funny to me that ruby has just now discovered them.
over the past three days, she has taken a personal interest in their comfort and well-being;
and in fact, has hardly left their side.
she makes sure that their diapers are changed regularly, that they have food to eat, and that all other needs are being met.
yesterday she informed me that elizabeth had just thrown up, and that she had taken care of it already.
i told her she was a wonderful mommy.
on friday she and the piglets watched charlotte's web upon her request.
she told me that she thought her babies would like it since it was a story about a pig. you know? something they could relate to.
this girl kills me with her sense of humor and downright unimaginable...



Scarlett said...

How adorable! It amazes me what these kids think of.

kelsey and murray said...

i absolutely love reading your blog to see the darling imaginations that your kiddies have. reading it always makes my day better!

Jackie said...

What an adorable photo!

brandy said...

Hi Nicole,
I have been reading your blog for awhile now and I absolutely love it. I remember you once wrote a post about a dancing and singing summer camp that your daughter attended. Would you mind emailing me the name of the company. I am trying to come up with some fun things to do with my daughters this summer and I thought that camp would be perfect for them.