Monday, March 7, 2011

the whole live long day

does anyone else loathe ironing as much as i do?
i doubt it.
i guess if i wouldn't let it pile up like i do, then it wouldn't turn into such a daunting chore.
but alas, this is what i did all day long...

...while the children watched episode upon episode of charlie and lola.
when they started speaking to each other in british accents,
i concluded that they had viewed one charlie and lola too many.

on the plus side, i should have a pretty happy husband tonight when he takes a peek into his closet - which has been completely destitute of work attire for...well...probably months now.

rango for family night tonight. hip hip.


Sarah Williams said...

When Eric had to have shirts ironed we paid young moms to do it. Then we spent $60 on wrinkle resistant shirts. SO GLAD hes in the field. I DESPISE ironing. Unless its without any kids and I can watch good shows, then its a excuse to sit. Your a good woman.
I don't think I've ironed in 5 years. This is excellant material for the Shiny Mormon blog ladies. (have you seen that?) These liberal 30 something single ladies like reading mormon mom blogs reminisant of 1950's. I totally thoguht of you when I saw you in nylons on Saturday.
You should Join Mormon mommy blogs group. Has some good crafty ones on it!

Jackie said...

One of the good things about living in Mexico is having a wonderful woman come help me take care of my family. She cooks and irons so well that my husband says she does it better than his own mother!!

Kelly said...

OMG!! I REFUSE TO IRON!!! Roger only has TWO shirts that require ironing and he never wears them because it takes me months to get to them! haha. Rog will now ONLY buy the JOS Bank Travelers non-iron dress shirts because of me. and because they come in fitted for younger guys. Tell John to go check them out. my dad, bro, and Rog SWEAR by them! they have really good sales about every month... every other month...

Rachel said...

You're such a nice wife! Kevin irons his own shirts. But he gets to dress casual on most days so it's usually just on Sundays.

The Sorensens. said...

i HATTTTE ironing! maybe thats why my clothes are always wrinkled! :) and i want to see rango!

natalie eve said...

um, yes. i hate is SOOO much that i won't do it. that is cody's responsibility. i even make him iron the kids' clothes. and I make sure not to buy ME any clothes that would need to be ironed.

john should be very happy when he sees your surprise.

you'll have to let me know how rango is. i can't decide if i think it looks good or not.

shannon said...

I did that for Dave for an anniversary present one year. That's how much I loath ironing all his shirts. I call it a GIFT... :OP