Thursday, March 3, 2011

the joys of sharing

john and i are down to just one car right now.
the one i usually drive has been sitting in our driveway for a week now,
with either a bad battery, or a bad alternator.
hopefully we can get it taken care of soon,
because i feel like i am now spending more time in the car, than i am at home.
makes me realize just how much john does for me when we both have a car to drive.
just the fact that he takes ruby to school every morning, i've discovered, is HUGE.
already today, i've backed out, and pulled into my driveway, probably more times than i have fingers to count.
to bootcamp and back,
to the grocery store and back,
to drop ruby off at school and back,
to pick ruby up from school and back,
to the grocery store and back
(you'd think i'd just go ahead and get everything in one trip...but no, i like to complicate things),
and finally, to pick ruby up from playgroup and back.

all before 1:15 in the afternoon.
phewww. i'm ready for a nap.

and i'd like my car back.


Jackie said...

We only have one car which is difficult, but to make things worse, it's been in the shop for two months now! We live in Mexico and the car is from the States, so we're waiting for the parts to be imported. But when we do get it back, I'll sure be a happy camper!

shannon said...

Hang on to your steering wheel cause it only gets "MORE OF THE SAME" from here on out. One car or two. Just be glad you live in the city and everything is a few minutes away.