Tuesday, March 22, 2011


ruby just finished her 15th book this evening, meaning that tomorrow at school, she will become a 'teacher'.
she has been talking about this for weeks, and is totally excited to receive her teacher badge and be able to help her classmates with their reading.
she was a reading machine last week over spring break.
she took home 4 books, and finished them all.
in this reading program, each book must be read {to an adult} a total of 20 times.
that means she read almost 80 times last week.
whoa! that's a lot.
at one point during the week, though, she had had enough.
she announced to me that she no longer wanted to be a teacher, that she would rather just be a mom.
actually, she said, i want to be an artist mom, NOT a teacher mom.
i think what she really wanted, and most definitely needed at that point, was a nap.
she woke up feeling good, and ready to read again.
today, as she was finishing up her 15th book, she said to me, mom, this book is hard, but it is so funny.
and then she asked,
mom? why does ms. arlene use such old words?
i wasn't sure i understood what she was getting at, and had to ask for some clarification.
well, it's weird because ms. arlene puts all the old words in the books, like, nephi.
this girl is so funny.
it's been such a joy being able to witness this learning process,
and then to watch as she develops a love for reading.
who knows, maybe she actually will become a teacher some day.

although, she's still pretty set on being an artist mom.


Holly said...

That is SO cute. I totally love watching my kids' learning process as well. They say the funniest, cutest things. Where did you get that book she's reading about Nephi? It looks awesome. You are such a cute mom. :) I love reading your blog.

Arlene said...

I LOVE IT. Tell her Miss Arlene is very proud of her. She beamed today as she walked in with book 15 completed. Now she can have some down time reading fun books for a couple of weeks. Good job, Ruby!

Jackie said...

I think we're all curious as to what our children will be when they grow up. My daughter Isabella, who's 8 years old, has said she's going to work with Cirque du Soliel for the past three years. Now she says she wants to be a photographer. I told her maybe she can be a photographer for Cirque du Soliel and she really liked the idea!