Sunday, March 20, 2011

i can cabay the mandments

We recently decided to split our family home evenings into two nights.
On Sundays, we have a spiritual message or lesson;
and on mondays, we go out and do something fun together.
Tonight we were reviewing Ruby's primary lesson from earlier today -
which was on baptism.
We talked about the importance of baptism,
we talked about Christ's baptism,
we talked about John the Baptist,
we discussed the significance of wearing white,
and the symbolism in being immersed fully in the water.
We talked about the importance of being baptized by one who has the proper authority.
And we explained to her that once she reaches the age of 8 - which is the age of accountability - she, herself, will have the opportunity to follow the Savior by entering the waters of baptism.
Her eyes lit up at that.
We then proceeded to ask her a few questions,
Ruby, what are some things you can be doing now to prepare for your own baptism?

Ummmm, well...

I can read my scriptures,
I can say my prayers,
and I can cabay all the mandments.

So befitting of such perfect childlike innocence.

I wish she could stay like this forever.

Plus I've been loving her pajama ensembles lately.
Tonight she picked out a Christmas top, some Halloween bottoms, and a pair of Easter ankle socks.

I love her so much, I can't stand it.

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kelsey and murray said...

reading this just made my day! i bet little ruby always keeps you laughing!