Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the sun that dried up all the rain

i have to tell you about my sweet friend, jenelle.
i've never actually met her in person, but i consider her such a dear friend.
a couple of years ago, she somehow came across my blog.
she would comment here and there, but i'll never forget the day i got a comment from her about her sweet baby girl who had just gotten bit in the face by a dog.
it was almost eerie how much the situation resembled what we had gone through with ruby just a year or so prior.
she was wanting to get some advice, as well as some hope and encouragement;
and so, through such a horrible experience, a friendship was born.
several months ago, i got another email from her. shortly after reading all about my heartbreak over this most recent failed pregnancy, she found herself in the exact situation.
our friendship grew even stronger as we helped each other get through, once again, another almost identical crisis.
she is now expecting twins {again, so excited for you lady!!} we joked that since our lives have been so similar up to this point, maybe having twins will be my next "trial" too.
i would love that. seriously, would love it!
so there's a bit of background for you...what we've been through, and how we became friends.

so i'll be the first to admit that yesterday was rough.
it was really, really rough.
i'm not exactly sure why either. it's been almost 15 years since my mom passed away, and nearly 6 since we lost isaac . so you'd think, i'd have this memorial day thing somewhat figured out by now.
i don't know, though, like i mentioned in my last entry, my feelings from the moment i woke, were extra tender and sensitive, and thoughts of my loved ones were not only fresh on my mind, but also tugged at my heart.
as the day went on, those feelings persisted, and even increased.
and then i got an email from jenelle, my sweet friend, jenelle.
coincidentally, her grandfather is also buried in the salt lake cemetary, and just as they were heading out to pay him a visit, she read my blog.
being the kind and thoughtful person that she is, when she stopped for flowers for her grandfather, she picked up two extras, with hopes of being able to leave them on my mother's and isaac's graves.
when i got her email last night, i was in tears.
i was so touched that someone {who never even knew me, no less} would take the time to do something so thoughtful and special just for me.
there are millions of people buried in the slc cemetery...if you've ever been there, you'll believe me...it is huge.
she ended up going to the cemetery office to find out where they were buried, which surprisingly, they were within walking distance from her grandfather.
she was in the general vicinity, but still spent a considerable amount of time looking at each and every headstone, until finally, she found them. isaac's headstone was half covered from some construction that they had been doing nearby.
so being the sweetheart that she is {and mind you, it was a cold and rainy day there in salt lake}, she found a grounds-keeper to help her uncover the dirt and debris from the headstone.
and it doesn't stop there.
she then, with a water bottle and some wipes, carefully cleaned both headstones, until they were spick and span.
once they were clean, she told me, the rain stopped, and the sun came out from behind the clouds, shining bright.
she even sent me pictures.
what a Christlike person she is. just thinking of jenelle, most likely very uncomfortable being pregnant with her twins, bending down and washing the dirt from my family's graves, reminds me of the Savior, who on bended knee, washed the feet of his disciples.
i am so touched.
so humbled.
and so especially grateful that in a world of turmoil and calamity, sin and selfishness, there are still so many good, humble, Christlike examples to look up to and be blessed by.
i feel honored to call one of these, my friend. thank you, jenelle. i will never forget what you did for me on this, the most gloomy and dreary of memorial days.

you were my little sun that dried up all the rain.


Calamitous Karolossus said...

so sweet. thank you for sharing this sweet story :)

Jess and Matt said...

Wow, that is such a beautiful story. I teared up reading it. I am blown away and completey touched by her sincere love, thoughtfulness and kindness.

Rachel said...

That is such a great story. What a sweetheart.

The Heaps said...

Wow that is amazing and what an amazing person! We should all strive to be more like that!

natalie eve said...

what a fabulous story and friend!

a perfect example of Heavenly Father using others as tools to do His work.

Jon & Jenelle said...

You are too sweet and wonderful. I know you wouldve done the same for me because you've already done more for me than I could ever repay. Love you friend :)