Monday, May 30, 2011

in loving memory

i woke up this morning with tender feelings in my heart for my loved ones - particularly my mom and our sweet baby boy, isaac - who are no longer with us, and both of whom i miss terribly.
i picked up a bouquet of fresh flowers, and in lieu of leaving them at their graves {which would be nearly impossible since they're both buried in the salt lake city cemetery} i just put them in a vase on our kitchen table.
every time i walk by them, i take a moment to reflect and honor the individuals they represent. i'm so grateful for our Heavenly Father's plan which enables family relationships to be perpetuated beyond the grave.
ruby asks all the time to hear stories about her grandmother and her big brother. i look forward to the day when these stories will become her reality. i can't think of anything sweeter than the reunion that will one day take place...a glorious and sweet reunion between mother and daughter, parents and son, brothers and sister, grandmother and grandchildren.
until then, though, i will cling to the memories...and the stories...and the commemorative flowers...and the tender feelings of my heart.

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Me said...

Love ya!

Mary P.