Saturday, May 28, 2011

catching up

what is up with this waiting a week in between posts business?
if i didn't have good reasons for this, i would consider it completely unacceptable.
but life has been crazy and busy, and fast, and my calendar has been full, and every second of every day has been scheduled out...and completely packed...and whewww...i need a nap just thinking about it.
so i decided to cut myself a little slack in the blogging department, and just do my best to catch up...and stay on top from here on out.
we'll see how that actually goes.

here's something for starters.
john was out of town last weekend, and left me all alone to deal with this sucker...

he was in the kitchen sink.
i noticed him while i was making breakfast for the kids, and about died.
i honestly don't know how to handle things like this on my own.
this isn't the first time we've found scorpions in our home, but this is the first time i was going to have to dispose of something so disgusting all on my own...
and really by disgusting, i mean big.
i've killed a couple of others by myself, but they were teeny tiny babies, so on both occasions, it felt more like having to kill an ant.
this one was a decent size though, and i just worried about trying to smash it in the sink, and missing, and then having it jump on me or lunge at me.
i'm not even really sure if they can do that, but i wasn't willing to take that risk.
after about 10 minutes of watching him try to figure a way out of my sink,
i decided that trapping him in a glass, sliding a magazine under him, and taking him outside
{to then smash him to smithereens}
would be the best option for me.
after i captured him, i had to break out my ugg boots.
what did it matter that it was 100 degrees out?
i had to protect my feet and legs in case my accuracy was...well, not all that accurate.
i really was worried i'd miss him entirely.
my aim has been off before.
thankfully, i did ok though.
i got him good.
and i didn't just stomp on him either.
i stomped him to pieces, and then i smeared him with my boot.
in fact, he was beyond recognition when i was through with him.
that should teach him and his kind never to mess with me again, right?
let's be honest though, i'm still shaking in my boots {quite literally} about the whole ordeal,
and fearful that history will repeat itself {despite all the money we spend on pest control}.
because some things just never change.
and finding scorpions in my house, sadly, is one of them.

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disillusioned said...

Hey--I'm with you there. I would have had a really hard time smashing it too!!! I had to catch a snake in my old duplex in Lawrence KS. Screamed the WHOLE time! I called my parents to try to get ideas--and left them on speaker. They were laughing hysterically as I caught it--slid something under it--and threw ALL of it outside. I just decided I didn't need that garbage can anymore!


Mary P.