Tuesday, November 8, 2011


ruby lost a tooth on friday at school while she was eating her string cheese.
your string cheese? i asked her. not your apple, or your crunchy granola bar?
no. it was the string cheese.
that thing was ready to come out, i tell ya.
it had been hanging by a thread for days.
oh if only she had let me reach my hand in her mouth, it would have been out in a second...
but i guess that's just not as much fun as looking down at the cheese stick in your hand,
and seeing a little bloody tooth stump hanging out in your next bite.

she lost the bottom two over the summer, but her permanent teeth were already growing in behind them, literally pushing her baby teeth out.
so, consequently, i never felt like her appearance changed much.

but now, boy oh boy, you can see the change, and hear the whistle, from at least a mile away.

my little girl is growing up. and it darn near breaks my heart.

speaking of growing up...
i think that when she does, she'll be an actress.

it's just a hunch.


Kim said...

Love those faces. She is so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, she is going to be an actress! She's such a ham! remember when she would not let you take out her tooth and it seriously was falling out? haha so funny! I love you guys.