Thursday, November 10, 2011


our little asher is already so much in love with his little brother, jude.
i didn't think he would really understand until he actually got to see jude,
you know, until he got to touch him, hold him, witness with his own eyes,
that jude was actually a person - a real, tiny little person.
but no.
he really understands what's going on in there.
and by there, i mean that big bulging belly of mine.
he often walks up to me and wraps his arms around my middle, stating that he's giving jude a hug. or he'll lift up my shirt (as he's doing in the photo) to give jude a tender kiss.
my all time favorite, though, is when he has a secret to tell - a secret, meant only for jude.
he shares these little confidences by whispering ever so softly,
ever so gently,
directly into my belly button.
oh he knows that there's someone in there alright.

i just wonder if he understands how lucky he is, that the little person in there...

is his brother.


Erica Marie said...

Asher is too cute, i love that he tells his baby brother secrets into your belly button....and how lucky Jude is to have such a loving big brother waiting for him...

Rania said...

I love that boy! And I am loving your belly!