Monday, November 7, 2011

the grand re-opening

for some reason, unbeknownst to me, spa RAD (aka spa ruby, asher, dad), discontinued operation for a few months.
it goes without saying that i - their one and only customer - was completely distraught...
especially because now - more than ever - this tired, ragged, pregnant body, could really benefit from the extra pampering.

well, much to my surprise and delight, the owner and founder of spa rad (my sweet and amazing john), extended a personal invitation to their grand re-opening, which was held last night.
i don't know if they had been undergoing a remodel, or perhaps had just taken a break from business so that their employees could receive some more extensive training (the atmosphere had been enhanced significantly, and also much improved was the technicians' level of skill and expertise).
whatever the reason, it was well worth the wait, as it was bigger and better than ever before.
everything about it was exquisite.
the only light in the room emanated from, not only the 20 or more tea lights and votives scattered about, but also from the stunningly decorated (haha) christmas tree which was perfectly positioned in my direct view...
all of which composed a beautiful, mesmerizing scene.
also setting the tone, and creating the perfect ambiance, was the christmas music which played softly in the background.
with scented lotions, i received a leg and foot massage lasting more than an hour,
after which hot, steamy towels were wrapped around my feet and legs.
once a measure of cooling had begun, the towels were immediately replaced with new, fresh ones...the process was then repeated over and over again.
finally, and to top it all off, my entire body was wrapped in a nice warm blanket.
i could have stayed there all night.
really, i could have.
it was the best spa treatment i have ever received...
because of the people who offered it?
but mostly because of the amount of love that was expressed, and felt, through such a sweet and tender act of service.

i'm crossing my fingers spa RAD stays open for a while this time...

because they would most definitely have a customer for life.

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Mary :) said...

This is possibly the sweetest thing ever. I love your family so much!