Sunday, May 8, 2011

we miss her

i won't go into too much detail {at least not today} about how my mother's day expectations were vanquished by a certain, nameless, two-year-old.

i will, however, leave you with this photo.
ruby admires the grandmother she never got to meet, and asks me if i miss her.
of course i do, ruby.
every. single. day.
she's my mom.
wouldn't you miss me if i passed away?

yes she said, i would, and i miss her too, because she's my grandma.

happy mother's day, mom.
we {both} miss you.


disillusioned said...

:( Love you!

Mary P.

Kim said...

That is really sweet. We miss her too. Where did you get that picture? I would love a copy of it.

Sonja said...

The photo and your thoughts are too beautiful for words. Love you, Nicole.