Friday, May 6, 2011

ruby's mother

i was invited to attend ruby's spring program this week.
as i sat in the crowd and watched my little preschooler perform,
i felt honored and proud.
honored to be a mother...
proud to be ruby's mother.

i cried, too, as i sat there and watched.
i cried because the program touched my heart.
i cried as i imagined the many hours that went into it.
i cried because the children were so sweet.
i cried because this school year's coming to an end.

i cried because i'm a mother.
i cried because i'm ruby's mother.

no she didn't rap it, but she did a great job.

in the program, the children honored mothers for all the different hats that we wear.
besides the referee mother, there was a chauffeur, a chef, a gardener, a maid, a detective, a nurse, a wonder-woman, a combat mother, and an angel mother.

all the songs were so tender and sweet.
i was so proud of the children for being able to learn them so quickly.
miss arlene should be the primary chorister in her ward {if she isn't already}.

speaking of miss arlene, ruby absolutely adores her.
she really is wonderful.
i owe her so much for not only teaching ruby,
but for loving her,
for taking a special interest in her,
and for helping her thrive and succeed in her program.

each child made their mother a special {and very, very heavy} gift.
ruby didn't want me to wait until mother's day to open mine.
she forced me into opening it the minute we walked through the front door.
{alright, i'll admit, i protested very little (ok, not at all). i was way too anxious to discover what could possibly weigh so much}.

it had never occurred to me...
a garden stone.
how clever.

i love it, and will cherish it always.
it's a special reminder to me that ruby is my daughter...

and that i am her mother.


Jackie said...

Happy Mother's Day! Ruby and Asher are very lucky to have a mom like you!

Arlene said...

Ruby, you did a great job on your part and I could hear you singing so beautifully! Pamper your Mom, she's the best!

Jess and Matt said...

That is just SO sweet. Ruby is absolutely beautiful, just like her mommy. You should be proud--of her, and of YOURSELF.

ALi said...

she is so cute and has such great style, just like her mama.