Tuesday, May 10, 2011


our family home evening lesson last night was on tithing.
ruby had earned a dollar {by reciting her rap} from her cousins, karen and morgan.
besides a random nickel or dime here and there, it's the first real money she's ever earned.
we figured it was time to teach her what the Lord expected her to do with it {or at least with part of it}.
we explained to the children that the law of tithing requires that we give 10% of our increase to the Lord.
this money goes towards building new churches and temples, and lesson manuals, and teaching supplies, and so forth.
ruby was pretty impressed, and excited to be able to start making her own monetary contributions towards building the Lord's kingdom.
asher wasn't too interested in the topic at all.
in fact, after throwing a toy train at my knee cap, and then standing up and hitting his father in the face, he was sent to bed.
it's a good thing he really loves his bed, because he sure spends a lot of time in it.

we used various methods in helping ruby understand that 10% is 1/10th.
it's difficult getting a 4 year old to grasp that.
i think the m&m method proved to be her favorite, especially because she got to use them to garnish her ice cream sundae for dessert.
she filled out her very own tithing slip and then put her coins inside of an envelope.
she expressed her excitement at being able to hand her tithing to the bishop on sunday.
john explained to her that the law of tithing is something she can be abolutely perfect at throughout her life.
because she is human like the rest of us, some of the other commandments will be harder to follow with exactness, and she will end up making some mistakes.

yeah, she said, like when we sit on a chair backwards, that's a huge mistake.

oh ruby, you are too dang cute and innocent.

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natalie eve said...

oh my heck. this asher is such a rascal! totally cracks me up.