Tuesday, April 5, 2011

pre-trek trekking

i asked ruby if she liked this picture of me and john.
she hesitated for a moment and said, well when i first looked at it, my brain didn't really like it.
what do you mean your brain didn't like it? i questioned.
i really like it, she went on, i really do. i think you and dad look great.
but my brain just saw it and said ewww.

our stake is doing a youth pioneer trek this summer.
john has been called to be over all the ma's and pa's.
it's a pretty big job.
he and a few others from the trek committee recently held a mini-trek for all the leaders so we might know what to expect come june.
we didn't go to the actual trek site for our mock run, instead we went somewhere much closer to home - a place covered with popular motorcycle trails.
as a result, we {literally} crossed paths with several motorcyclists {and forest rangers asking for our permits, which we didn't have...oops}, who i'm sure thought we were completely our of our minds. a colony of people pretending to be from the mid 1800's - dressed in pioneer garb and pulling handcarts.
in fact, i'm positive that their first impressions of us were in harmony with the thoughts going through ruby's head when she saw that picture. ewwww.

we are a peculiar people. but that's something i will forever be proud of, and always take as a compliment.
i'm so excited to have this experience. not only of working with the youth - which i always love - but also because i know it will give me a better understanding of what our dear pioneer ancestor's had to endure...

if only just a glimpse.


Lacking Productivity said...

We were in charge of all the food for our stake's trek last year...so much work...so much emotion...such a great experience.

Best wishes to you guys!

Tara said...

I remember four years ago, really wish we could be there this year, so much work and great experience. It'll be great.