Monday, April 11, 2011

we really, really love him

he comes to town bearing gifts for each member of our family.

he doesn't complain about having to sleep in the kids' room on a twin bed.

he doesn't mind being dragged out to the mall
{which i happen to know, is not one of his favorite places}
to get pictures of the kids in their easter clothes with the easter bunny.

{and after reading the sign prohibiting the use of personal cameras and other devices, he insists on paying for the pictures himself - and pays a ridiculous price for them, i might add}.

he squeezes in the back seat, between both kids and their car seats, and has a smile on his face the entire time.
{and the kids do too, because he tickles them incessantly, and they still beg him for more}.

he treats us to lunch...and carousel rides.

and then spends a nice chunk of his afternoon building volcanoes, reading books, crawling on the floor playing cars, and blowing bubbles with his grandchildren {in the freezing cold rain, no less}.

and then does the volcano all over again, because asher was asleep the first time.

he buys us dinner {five guys - my new favorite},
and joins us for a movie {true grit - my new favorite}.

and wakes up especially early on sunday morning to help me get the kids ready for church.

and pays an exorbitant penny for a plane ticket to arizona, to see his son-in-law {yes, my john} get put into the bishopric, and ordained to the office of high priest {say what?! yeah, this news merits it's very own post, wouldn't you say?}.

but THIS post is about my dad, because geez, what would i ever do without him?
and what would john ever do without his father-in-law?
and what would our children ever do without their grandpa?

{and how does that old saying go? behind every great man there's a great woman?
something like that?
well, my step-mom, lynell, IS the greatest.
i know she would have been right by his side, if she didn't have to be in new york running a festival.
in fact, i'm sure it was she who encouraged him to come, and maybe even gave him the idea of bringing gifts for each of us.
she truly is a sweetheart. i'll forever be thankful to my Father in Heaven for her, and for her continued love, encouragement, and support.}

we dropped grandpa off at the airport last night, and ruby cried the whole way home. and then in her bedtime prayer, she thanked heavenly father that her aunt angie is getting married this summer so that we can go to utah and see grandpa.

and then tonight, as we sat around the table for dinner, she looked at grandpa's empty chair, and again, she cried.

my mother-in-law, judy {who also came to town this weekend to support john - bless her heart}, always reminds me that it's a good thing to be sad when your loved ones depart...

because that means you really, really love them.


Angie P said...

what a sweet post about dad. Gosh he's the greatest! I hope Ruby isn't only excited to see dad this summer because I CAN'T wait to see all of you!!! Love you!!

natalie eve said...

is it just me, or is that easter bunny creepy as heck?!

those pictures of asher watching the volcano are HILARIOUS! it looks like christmas morning!!!

so fun your dad got to come and visit! and i can tell how much you love him, because i know how much you hate ironing.

5 guys is my new fave too. i have broken up with in n out. i just hope 5 guys adds a stinkin chocolate shake soon. because i'm tempted to get my little bacon cheeseburger at 5 guys and run over to in n out for my shake. that would probably equate to a half weeks worth of calories for me.

holy moly about the bishopric calling. your family will be blessed for all of your wonderful service.

oh, and girl. i had so much fun the other night going out with you guys. lets do it more often!

disillusioned said...

Kay--I'm getting really old. I taught you sister Angie in PRESCHOOL!! And she's getting married this summer....oh my!!!

Mary P.