Friday, April 1, 2011

april fool's day flop

i thought i'd be so funny and trick the kids today by offering them styrofoam balls - dipped in chocolate.
totally backfired on me.
i mean, who would have thought they'd devour them the way that they did?
i take that back. i figured asher might. he's my child who loves chapstick and contact solution, and who voraciously inhales anything that goes into his mouth like it's the last thing he'll ever be given to eat.

i apologize for my annoyance in the video. i was laughing so hard, tears were streaming down my face.
poor ruby seems so confused.
i think next year i'll do chocolate covered brussels sprouts, or radishes.

on a different note, today we hit a record high temperature of 100 degrees.
no april foolsin' this time around.
it was a HOT one.


Angela said...

Oh man, proof that chocolate makes everything better I guess! Too funny!! Hearing Ruby crunch into that styrofoam...I couldn't stop laughing...especially when she took another bite! And then they both wanted more! Ah, hilarious!

Blackner Family said...

Hilarious!! Try white toothpaste inside oreos! It works like a charm..I gave them to my young women as a camp treat last year..they totally feel for it and are still afraid of what I will do this year!

Amy Eagleston said...

That is so funny!

buddens said...

hahaha! that is so hilarious! i like your radish or brussel sprout idea. and mikelle's oreo idea!

Layla said...

This was awesome. Love it!

Cormac said...

what! you are so funny, aar and i were laughing so hard at you laughing at the kids letting them eat styrofoam. it's gonna be a classic.

Karissa Kay said...

that is hysterical! I love that they both asked for more. Oh my gosh, too funny!

Kat and Steve said...

I cannot stop laughing. This is so funny. I loved how Ruby was crunching away at it one little bite at a time, smiling at the camera while she chewed. And then Asher shoved the whole thing in his mouth like it was no problem. So so funny. Thanks for the laugh!

Rachel said...

haha! That made my day! I LOVE Ruby's face when you are laughing! She is so confused as to why chocolate yumminess is funny. ( :