Tuesday, February 8, 2011

my little love

Last Friday night, after putting asher to bed, Ruby and I worked on her class valentines together.
I have the best childhood memories of putting together my own valentines with my own mother.
I used to look at all the cards, and hand pick which one I wanted to go to whom.
Even each and every conversation heart was selected with care.
I took the whole process very seriously.
I still remember opening a valentine from a boy in my class.
We were in the third grade.
It was a Cracker Jack valentine card with Jack the sailor, holding a box of cracker jacks in one hand, and a boquet of flowers in the other.
At the top of the card, it read I like you.
I took the message very literally, and wholeheartedly believed that this boy had a crush on me. Isn't Valentine's Day fun?

For Ruby's class valentines, we decided to do something a little different from the typical card in the envelope with a few candy hearts.
We went to the scrapbook store and picked out a cute vintage paper,
and then used it to decorate match boxes which Ruby then filled with red and pink m&m's.
She took a lot of time writing each name;
and then, just like her mother, she carefully selected which picture and accompanying quote was best suited for each classmate and teacher.

She is such a little love.


Jackie said...

What precious little Valentines! Ruby's classmates sure are lucky!

disillusioned said...

Way cute Valentines idea! I watched my niece hand make each Valentine (they'll get store bought ones too) and write messages to each of her classmates. Very thoughtful and sweet!

Mary P.

kelsey and murray said...

these are the cutest little valentines! i love them.

diana said...

cute! i saw a tutorial for these and thought it was such a darling idea.