Wednesday, February 9, 2011


doesn't even elucidate the way i feel right now.

we had both kids in our bed last night.
ruby resides there every night, so that's nothing new;
but it was definitely a first for asher.
i finally took him to his own bed at about one am, when i realized that as long as he was in our room, he wasn't going to be sleeping.
it was too much of a novelty for him.
and then an hour or two later, john and i were both awakened to ruby who was laughing hysterically in her sleep.
she then woke up as well, and proceeded to tell us all about her amusing dream in which (and these are her exact words)
i threw a fish at a bee, and the bee took the fish, and put it in the mermaid's tail,
and the fish was upside down in the mermaid's tail.
it was so funny.
and then she just rolled over and went back to sleep.
in the morning i asked her for a bit more clarification on her dream,
(and actually wondered if she'd even remember anything about it).
she laughed, and then sure enough, repeated the dream to me exactly as she had in the middle of the night.
it must have been one of those things that is a lot funnier in person,
because i'm still trying to find the humor in it.

well i'm signing off...
and i have a feeling that the moment my head hits the pillow,
i'll be building my own sand castles in the sky.



Scarlett said...

Oh my gosh! How in the world do you get these amazing pictures? Your family is beautiful!

Karissa Kay said...

What a hilarious dream! I love the pictures!

Jackie said...

I think the biggest sacrifice when becoming a parent is the lack of sleep.

diana said...

i love, love, love hearing ava tell me about her dreams. it's great to be able to finally hear what's goes on in that little mind of hers.