Thursday, February 10, 2011

good intentions...but

i have a problem of biting off more that i can chew sometimes.
i have the best intentions, but sadly, i often fall short of those.
this morning i slept through my alarm, and thus didn't make it to my morning boot camp.
i even slept through the text my friend sent me (15 minutes into the class) telling me to get my buns out of bed and come work out.
like i said, i was really, really, like abnormally, tired last night.
i started feeling bad about the fact that i've been such a slacker with my workouts, that i had this brilliant idea of putting asher in the stroller, and going for a jog to pick up ruby from preschool...which is just over three miles away.
three miles is nothing, right?
right. if you're in somewhat decent shape.
but i am constantly being humbled and therefore reminded of how extremely out of shape i am these days.
can you see where this story is headed?
i gave myself plenty of time to run the three miles...ensuring i would not be late in picking ruby up.
what i did not consider, however, is what if i was not able to run the entire way, and had to actually stop and walk from time to time? i'n fact what if i ended up walking almost the entire first mile, and then had to run a six-minute-mile for the next 2.5 miles to make it on time?
let's just say when i realized my predicament, i ran like the wind, determined to be there when the kids filed out in their perfect single-file line to meet their parents.
but alas i had to come to terms with the fact that i'm just not what i used to be.
i stopped and called john.
he just laughed and said he'd be on his way.
he's my husband, he knows me and my lofty ambitions all too well. he mostly just laughs at me, but then always comes to my rescue.

i believe that every post deserves a photo, but i know better than to post something as ridiculous as how i must have looked huffing and puffing my way down the street, pushing a double stroller - occupied by only one child, sporting a pair red chuck taylors and goofy purple sunglasses.
rather, i will save myself (and all of you) the embarrassment, and just leave you with an image of my sweet little ruby. she had her valentine's party today, and here she is holding the darling box full of cards and candy, that she made at school.

isn't she a little lovey?

here's to a new day and hoping i can at least accomplish one thing i set out to do.


Scarlett said...

Ok, I decided I am going to try and read your blog more often. You know why? Because you inspire me. Thank you for posting this. I love that you had good intentions. I feel like that is my life as well. I'm full of good intentions and full of shortcomings. But it's what makes us stronger, right?

And Ruby is lovely.

Jackie said...

She is the sweetest little thing!

Meet the Family said...

Thanks for sharing such an adorable photo, Im sure Asher had a great time having the wind blowing on his face at your reconoized attempt at making it to Rubys school! Yes you had very very good intentions!

natalie eve said...

well sister. i think i've gained about 5,000 lbs on my trip so far. so when i get back my bootie will definitely be hitting up boot camp. let me know if you want me to pick you up! that helps with getting out of bed... on both our parts. HA! see you monday a.m.

natalie eve said...

p.s. and kudos for even attempting to run to ruby's school. my lazy A would never even dream of doing something like that!

diana said...

haha, i wish i would've driven by and seen you huffin' and puffin' along the sidewalk.

one time, i rode my bike down to the post office from our house. the girls were in the bike trailer and the wind was blowing full force against me, and the ever so slight incline just about did me in. i had to rest for about 20 mins once i got there before i headed back. thankfully on the return trip, the wind and decline helped me make it home.