Sunday, February 13, 2011

i rest my case

in my last post, i mentioned that maybe i sometimes have a little problem of biting off more than i can chew.
well here's some further evidence to support my case.

Exhibit A:

this is my binder for the church callings and responsibilities (aside from wife and mom) that i currently have.
on top of my main, full-time calling as the first counselor in the primary,
i am serving on a stake committee responsible for planning and carrying out a women's conference (just a week away) for approximately 400 rs sisters in the stake.
i'm also a 1st year ycl leader for stake girls' camp (end of may),
and together, john and i have been called to go on the trek with the youth of our stake (first part of june).
it's a lot for me right now. in fact, if i think too long and hard about it all, i get overwhelmed...
sometimes to the point of tears even.
i'm not trying to be negative, because i love serving, i really do;
and i absolutely love serving in each of these capacities...but (you saw that coming, didn't you?) my plate is so full right now, that some days i don't even know where to start. i can't even figure out something as simple as taking a bite.
john's calling right now as 2nd counselor in the stake young mens, is also pretty cumbersome. maybe that isn't the right word. it's definitely manageable, and he totally loves it, but it does exact his time. time that he could be here holding the fort while i serve. ha.
i guess what gets me through and keeps me going is knowing that 3 of these 4 callings are temporary;
and by mid-june, i'll be back to just one.
maybe by then i'll be able to stop and...well...just breathe.
but then again, i know myself all too well.
i'll be so sad with only one calling, that i'll happily and hungrily start loading my plate up again.
ha...such is life.
my eyes have always been bigger than my stomach.

i now rest my case.

* side note: i decided to refrain from submitting exhibit b...which would be a picture of the inside of my house. believe me, if you only knew what it looked like right now, you'd thank me for renouncing any further evidence.


disillusioned said...

My mom told me once that she had to learn to say "Sure, I'll do that calling, as long as I don't have to do one of the following callings:" and then she'd list the other callings. I realized in callings, when I had a roommate (whom I loved) who was holding onto 2 other "full time" callings after being called to be the ward RS president, when she expressed her stress level to me, and I said "well, why don't you tell them you can't do ____________ anymore" and she looked at me like I was from planet zurg that sometimes we not only are biting off more than we can chew, but perhaps even taking away opportunities from others to serve--and sometimes we need to prayerfully approach the Lord, and our Leaders, and lay out our situation...and honestly say "which one can be taken off the plate?" That doesn't mean we always need to do this (I'm not suggesting you need to--I have definitely held more than one calling at a time before)--but sometimes the "test" is not on how much we can do, or how "faithful" we can be--but can we trust in the Lord enough to let something go.

Anyway--I'm actually just writing about this cause I recently had to do just this. It was not as hard as I thought it would be.....but I've had to conciously not feel guilty about not being able to do something....

I'm glad most of yours are temporary! Luvs ya--good luck with it all!

Mary P.

Anonymous said...


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Rachel said...

I often wonder how you do it all. You are so amazing!

diana said...

oh nicole.

i sent you an email about just this the other day... pray about what's best for your family and the Lord will help you.

and i don't even want to hear about your exhibit b... your house on your worst day, is like mine on a good day. i did however take a picture of my house the other day after bryce and i worked on those survey's from 2pm-1am. let's just say the girls had complete free reign of the house and took full advantage of it. yikes!