Friday, April 17, 2009

easter sunday...

As I mentioned before, some of my high hopes and expectations for this year's Easter Sunday, were never realized; but thankfully, there were some shining other words, it wasn't a complete disappointment.

We got up in the morning and watched Ruby hunt for her dyed eggs - which the Easter Bunny had so furtively hidden around our house. I myself, was grateful that she was able to find them all...can you imagine what our house would be smelling like after a few days if even just one egg had remained unfound?

She was so happy to find her Easter dress, hat, and new shoes...

Inside that giant pink plastic egg, the Easter bunny had placed a clue, which lead her to another clue, and another...and so on, until she finally found the baskets hidden in the bathtub. Inside her basket (among other things) was a new baby doll with an Easter dress that matched her own...


Also, inside her basket was a toy princess camera, which surprisingly, turned out to be her very favorite thing from the Easter bunny. It was one of those last minute, total afterthought items...but hey, leave it to the Easter Bunny...he apparently really knows what he's doing. She's been snapping pictures (of anyone who will pose for her) all week long.


After church, we (Ruby and I - because remember, John was sick in bed ALL day and Asher was asleep) headed over to Lori's for our annual Easter dinner and candy egg hunt for the kids.

Once again it was a huge hit for everyone who participated...

Here's Ruby getting a head start...she has finally learned to not waist even a single second in gathering her eggs.


I absolutely LOVE this chubby little hand...

Still on the hunt...

She hit the jackpot...

And so did Ella...
Photobucket Photobucket
Stopping at nothing, James climbs a tree to retrieve this lone yellow egg.

After a whole lot of strenuous running and arduous hunting, it's time to relax on the porch swing, and of course...dig into all that candy!

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diana said...

i'm glad to hear you had a good easter after all! i'm loving all your pictures, you captured the day well!

(ava has that camera and just figured out the other day how to peer inside it and see all the princesses, i've been trying to teach her for months. she now loves it even more.)