Tuesday, April 17, 2007

just catchin' up...

on the last week or so.

I watch from a distance as Ruby spots her reflection in the standing mirror. She rapidly crawls toward it, stands up, and while pressing her slobbery mouth against the mouth of the "other" baby, I hear a loud ummaah (kissing sound). She then repeats, over and over, while displaying a huge toothy grin, bebe bebe (or baby). Definitely one of those "laugh out loud" moments for mom!

Here she is again, snoopin' around in mom's night stand drawer...

Okay, I realize this shot is really blurry (she was moving around like crazy under there), but I couldn't resist...she fits just perfectly - under the kitchen table.

Uncle Terry (dad's older brother), and Aunt Lynda, paid us a friendly visit. They are from Oklahoma, and on a road trip. How fun for us, that Arizona was on their route!

Some of my favorite things are - 1) new books, and 2) packages. Well, here are my newest books that arrived, in the mail last week...happy day for me!

Saturday, I went on a five mile hike (more like a 5 mile stroll through the desert), with some of the Young Women, to prepare for girl's camp in June. Here they are passing off their fire certification.
from left: Kailey Porter, Cody Dobson (camp director's husband), Allison Melchin, Natalie Dobson (camp director), and Kareena Chism

...and these (from today), I just thought were cute. Ruby with her adorable friend, Nicole Garn.

How funny is that?! Nicole was obsessed with kissing Ruby...and I think Ruby liked it too (look at her face)!


Brooke said...

Cute pictures of Ruby! What are your new books? Looks like enough to sufice for a while! How fun!

Jaime Pitts said...

Wow, we were just there and Ruby already looks so much bigger! Those pics are so sweet!!

Grandma Judy said...

Ruby has learned to many new tricks. I imagine each day brings a new surprise...like the diaper on the floor! I feel like I can keep up with these little darlings with the blogs.