Friday, April 27, 2007

as promised...

here are some pictures of my perfect little nephew, Lincoln Christian Barney...

Little Lincoln 6 lbs. 5 oz. 18 1/2 inches

With proud parents Kim (top) Christian (bottom)

Doesn't he look so angelic?

Kim called yesterday to tell me that she and Christian thought Lincoln's profile resembled that of Isaac. They didn't send any profile shots, but the very bottom picture definitely reminded me of my little son. I just can't wait to meet Lincoln in person, and, thanks to my wonderful husband, I'll be able to do so in two days! John surprised me with a plane ticket to Salt Lake! I was supposed to hop on the 1:30 PM flight yesterday, but then I remembered (and panicked when I did) that we were asked to speak in our ward on Sunday. (Last time we were supposed to speak, back in February, we had to call the Bishop the morning of, and tell him that we wouldn't be able to - because of my ER visit the day before, and doctor's orders to stay down. I was totally embarrassed, and would be completely mortified if I cancelled again.) So, needless to say, John was able to call and arrange for a different flight, in the which I'll be leaving Sunday evening. I'll probably be staying a week or so. I'm super excited to be able to hold Lincoln, to help Kim in any way, and of course, to see my's been way too long, and I'm rather missing them!

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Judy said...

He is a cute little one. I am so excited to see you too!!