Friday, April 27, 2007

my joy...

I walked into Ruby's room yesterday, to check on her during her nap, and to my surprise, she was sound asleep...standing up!

Here she is getting ready for her bath...I couldn't resist (those little buns).

Can you see the tiny black specks around her mouth?...she's been chowing on her crib again. (Man, I really need to invest in some plastic rail guards!)

...And here she is exploring the magazine drawer!

Oh, and I guess it would be safe to say, I got a bit carried away in PSE (photoshop elements) tonight...oh well, it was fun nonetheless!


Grandma Judy said...

These pictures are adorable. You should sent the picture of her asleep standing up to a magazine. I just want to hug her!!!!!

La said...

Nicole, Judy is right, you should send that somewhere. That picture is priceless. Ruby, is beautiful, really beautiful.

Brooke said...

So cute!I love that she fell asleep standing up.