Thursday, February 22, 2007


Okay, so I may be a little "blog" happy today, but this is definitely worth posting! If you notice in the "archive" section (in my sidebar), there is a post from January! After I accidentally deleted my blog, a small miracle occurred. I was shutting down the computer to go to bed, when I realized there was a window open displaying my it's entirety. I knew that it had indeed been deleted from the server, but, fortunately the window was still open; and, I was able to copy and paste the contents into a word document before closing it and shutting down. Over the next several days/weeks, I will be re posting these entries. (I even found a way to change the date, back to the time and date of the original post!) This will surely be a lengthy process, but well worth the time and effort it will take.
I owe this small miracle to none other than my Heavenly Father...(surely another of his sweet and tender mercies in my behalf)...

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