Thursday, February 22, 2007

my dad...

I have to say that my Dad has got to be the most in tune (with the Spirit) of all the people I have ever known. Because he is so sensitive to spiritual things, he always knows what to say, and when to say it. He lives his life in such a way that the Lord is able to use him as an instrument in blessing the lives of others. That said, I woke up this morning with a pit in my stomach. My heart literally ached, not only because of all the "unknowns" connected with this pregnancy, but, also because of the loss of my blog (which I have literally spent hours and hours constructing).
As soon as I showered and got myself ready, I turned on the computer, signed into Yahoo, opened up my email, and THIS is what I found...

(hope you don't mind dad...)

Pardon my "French" (in the subject line), Sweetheart, but life just seems to be coming at you in waves these past few days.

Just a couple of thoughts for you:

1) Count your blessings. Despite a probable miscarriage, look at your precious baby! Think about your wonderful husband. Remember your Father in Heaven who loves you so much that He sent His Son to feel your pain and to know how to succor you. (With this last thought in mind, ask Him to do so, and do not resist His Spirit - let yourself be succored.)

2) Realize that your blog is still special. Most of us do not have one, so you are choosing a unique path for journaling that is very cool. Don't give up on it! Keep doing it. Remember that it is still quite new, so, not a very lot was lost. Start again. You can probably find a way to print out your blog entries periodically so you have a hard copy of it (which is what will survive a hundred or so years from now for your great grandchildren to read, and to enjoy the pictures).

3) Remember that "...there must needs be opposition in all things...". Could it be that Lehi's inspired comment could even take in the opposition of the adversary to a valiant young woman who is trying to follow the prophets' directions to keep journals? (Could he be behind the theft of your mission journals and the loss or your blog entries? I have no doubt.) Remember that President Faust teaches us that he (the adversary) is a coward. If we continue to resist him, he will give up and leave us alone for a while. And, our Father will not let him trouble us more than we can bear.

4) Remember the example of your mother. She experienced a lot of similar trials (similar to yours) as a young, and then middle-aged, wife and mother, and she always met such adversity with a cheerful outlook. (Wow! I still marvel at her resilience!) Her example has helped me do better at doing the same thing.

5) Finally, remember that you are well loved! I LOVE you. Your husband and baby love you. Myriad heavenly and spirit beings love you. And myriad other earthly beings do, too!

So, Doll, please do not be too down. More smiles are just around the corner.


Your Dad

(See what I mean? Isn't he something else?) I know that my Dad was inspired to write these words, as they were just what I needed to make it through my morning of anguish. I know that "more smiles ARE just around the corner", and that the Lord IS there to comfort me, I simply need to allow him to do his job.

Thank you, Dad, for your beautiful thoughts...I love you!

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