Thursday, February 22, 2007

no answers

My test results came back, and strangely enough, the levels have increased (but not doubled)...leaving me, John, and the doctor dumbfounded. He wants us back tomorrow for another ultrasound; and, being that almost a week has passed since the last one (giving more time for the pregnancy to progress), we should really be able to pinpoint the problem. The Doctor said that the increase of hormone detected, indicates either a) that the pregnancy is tubal or b) that it's where it's supposed to be, but won't likely be a good pregnancy. (i.e. will result in miscarriage as the weeks progress, etc.) I asked him if it was at all likely that I already had the miscarriage (because of the pain and bleeding from Saturday), and he said not to discount the idea...the placenta (which releases the pregnancy hormone) could still be attached along with some tissue. We left, I had a good cry, and John took me to Bajio (my favorite place for lunch). I'm at home now. Ruby is asleep. I feel sad, scared, confused, and emotionally exhausted. Oh, and my hormones are going crazy. More to come (hopefully) tomorrow...
ps. After running dates and numbers (over and over) in my head, I figured out that I'm probably 6 weeks along.

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erica said...

I am sorry that all this is happening. I know that the lord is with you and if you think about it he has blessed you with such a wonderful family. it is alsome how even something small like that is a blessing. I fell bad that I cant be down in arizona with you guys while you are going thru this. I was tempted to get the 18$ in my bank acount and get the car keys and try to drive all the way there even though I cant drive. well nic I hope you are doing better and everything ends fine which I know it will. I love you and keep in touch about this ok.
Love, erica
p.s. does that mean that your not running the half marathon:(