Friday, February 23, 2007

update...but not really

We went in for another ultrasound today, which was a strange experience (to say the least). I'm not sure that the sonographer saw anything in my uterus the first time around, so she did a transvaginal ultrasound. Throughout the exam she never once told us what she was doing, and was extremely vague when we did ask her questions. I realize that without the doctor being there, she couldn't tell us anything...I just wish the doctor had been there (rather than in surgery). They also did another HCG test before (once again), sending us away unenlightened. When we got home, we recieved a phone call from the receptionist asking us to come in again on Monday to see the doctor, and to repeat the HCG (for the 5th time). I had a feeling this was going to happen. I guess we're in for another long, nerve-racking weekend...

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