Thursday, January 11, 2007

why not me instead?

Well, I guess I spoke too soon…we had a pretty rough night last night. Poor little Ruby has had a cold the last few days; and last night, it just seemed to escalate. She was pretty miserable when I put her to bed and sure enough, she put in a pretty rough night. I decided to use the monitor because (being that she’s really congested) I wanted to know if she was having difficulties breathing at all. She woke up crying at 3 am and didn't stop until I went in and got her and brought her to bed with us. I put her little hands and feet close to me (they were like ice blocks). I fed her and it tore me up the way she was eating. Because of her stuffy nose, she was forced to unlatch every few seconds to gasp for air. She soon calmed down and was able to go back to sleep, but was pretty restless nonetheless. I can’t stand watching her suffer, (even if it is just a nasty cold)...why can’t it be me instead?

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