Thursday, January 11, 2007

what would she say?

Do you ever wonder what babies would say if they could talk? I do. I’ve been particularly pondering that question today because Ruby has been sick. I’ve so desperately wanted to ask her where does it hurt baby? And what can momma do to make it feel better? Sometimes I just feel totally helpless when it comes to meeting her needs and making her happy. Is her bottle warm enough? Are her little jeans comfortable? Are her shoes feeling too tight? Does she even like the little pig tails with bows that I always put in her hair? Does it bug her that I kiss her so much?
Well, at least there are a few things that I’ve determined without her having said a word. She loves music…all kinds of music. Soothing sounds calm her when she’s upset and fast tempos make her dance (it’s hilarious). I also know that she loves loves sweet potatoes, more than any other food I’ve given her. Her mouth opens like the Grand Canyon on sweet potato night and I can’t seem to spoon it fast enough. If she could talk, I know she would tell me that she loves music and sweet potatoes.
I wonder, if she could talk, if she would say I love you mommy, you make me feel warm inside and safe.?

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