Monday, October 31, 2011

should i be concerned?

both ruby and asher had their halloween parties at school today.
ruby's not allowed to dress up at her school, which made me kind of sad.
only because some of my very best childhood memories are of me and my siblings dressing up on halloween, going to school, being able to see all of our friends in their costumes,
showing off our own (which my mother always made),
and participating in the school halloween parade.
all the parents came to see their children traipse around the elementary school's gym,
and moms and dads always oohed and awed, clapped and cheered, as their children proudly flaunted their ensembles for all to see and admire.
i looked forward to one day being able to do that with my own children.
but alas, it may never happen.
so instead we picked her up an orange pumpkin t-shirt, and a pair of black sparkly leg warmers. she was as pleased as punch when she walked out the door.
john wore his traditional halloween work outfit (i don't think it's changed in 5 years) - black slacks, black button up dress shirt, and an orange tie. very profesh, if i do say so myself.
asher was the one who was actually permitted to wear a costume, but i wasn't thrilled about having him wear his true costume (which will be revealed this evening), so i gave him another option.
a pirate.
a rough and tough (and very manly) buccaneer.
and he HATED it!
i mean, he absolutely LOATHED it.
one look at it, and he thrusted himself down upon the ground, and threw the world's hugest fit known to man. john had to pin him down to keep him from wrecking havoc to the house,
or even himself...or us.
it was that bad.
i think it was ruby who jokingly asked, hey asher, do you want to wear my pirate costume (which is a pirate princess...dress), and he perked up like nothing i've ever seen.
YEAH! he exclaimed.
in order to make it appear a bit more manly, and a little less like he was a cancer patient, i pulled down our dread-lock wig from the attic.
but of course, in true asher fashion, he wanted NOTHING to do with it.

can you just see the look of death he's giving me?

and so, our little boy walked out the front door, prouder than he's ever been, dressed...
as a pirate princess.
at least when i tried to pose him for a picture by the front door, he refused and went straight to the water/mud puddle,
reassuring me that he is, indeed, very much

but then again, the other day i caught him with my heels on.

hmmmm. should i be concerned?


Rania said...

Asher is too dang cute! He can't help himself he is constantly surrounded by two stylish girls! I can't wait to see the family costume!

natalie eve said...

love it, nicole! i can't wait for the reveal of the costumes tonight...

Jackie said...

Your Asher is adorable and so is Ruby! Come on...we're all waiting to see this year's costumes!