Sunday, August 7, 2011

my perfect peach

dearest baby,

last week you were my little lime,
but today,
you're my perfect peach.
it's strange to think that you've grown so much in just a week's time.
judging by the looks of my belly, i'd guess you were the size of a cantaloupe.
but what do i know?
the important thing is that you're growing.
tonight during family prayer, ruby said the most perfect thing.
she thanked Heavenly Father for our "beautiful baby",
and then she asked Him that you would grow and grow and grow.
asher prays for you every day, too.
his prayers are always the same.
Heavenly Father, he begins, please bless our baby to feel better, and please bless mommy to be safe.
i love hearing him mix it up the way that he does.
every single time.
the rest of us usually pray that you'll be safe, and that i'll feel better.
on the other hand, he probably knows and understands exactly what he prays for.
after all, stretching and growing couldn't be all fun and games for you either;
and i will never refuse a prayer for my continued safety.
i want to be around for you and your brother and sister for ever and ever and ever.

i love you my perfect peach.
stay safe.
and feel better (from asher).
and keep growing and growing and growing (from ruby).

and a great big goodnight kiss on the belly (from daddy).

all my love,
your mom

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