Wednesday, August 24, 2011


man, i was so proud of myself...that i had been blogging everyday.
but it only lasted a week, and then something happened. my bed rest orders were lifted, and i jumped right back into life.
this past week has been so crazy, i feel like i haven't stopped to even take a breath.
which is probably what will put me right back on bed rest.
it's just that while i was down, all i could think about were all the things i needed to be up and doing, and well, now that i'm up - you had better believe - i'm doing!
but i'll admit, i've wished a couple of times that i could go know, to the simple life...that only exists when you're confined to the bed.
i am exhausted.
i'm telling you, you always want what you can't have (at least i seem to work that way).

one really bit of exciting news, there was a cancellation in miss stacey's preschool, and we got in! my little asher is officially a school going man...and will be for the next, say, 20 years of his life. that's a crazy, and disturbing thought. (i had best not be thinking about things like that for now - like how fast my babies are growing up - i'll end up with ulcers, i just know it.)

so here he is on the first day of school, backback on, and totally excited for the adventure that awaits him.
he started on monday, and when i picked him up - and asked him all about his day - the first thing he told me was that he went poo poo in the potty.
oh great, that means miss stacey had to wipe him, and put his undies and shorts back on him (since he takes it all off when he goes...and then can't get dressed again without assistance). great.
that's all miss stacey needs.
she is running a preschool here...not a daycare.
we have really been working on this at home (i promise stacey, we'll get it...eventually).
so instead of getting a mini candy bar when he goes #2 in the potty (which he has now mastered, obviously), he gets a candy bar when he can successfully put his underwear and shorts back on all by himself.
this has been an interesting challenge, even more so - if i dare say - than the potty training itself.
it's hard for me to sit back and watch as he puts his undies on backwards, or his shorts on upside down, or inside out.
one time his underwear were so twisted that his whole (okay i guess we have to go back to the weenie talk...just this once), weenie, was hanging out the side.
often he'll put both legs in the same hole,
and multiple times he has fallen over trying,
and ended up in tears of defeat.
i hate not being able to just do it for him, but we have to get this down.
we really do.

today was his 2nd day of school.
the minute we get in the car, he says, all excitedly, mom, i went poo poo in the potty.
oh man, asher, again? is this going to be a daily occurance at preschool?
i try to get him to go beforehand, i really do.
he went on to tell me that miss stacey wiped him and got him all dressed again.
he was so proud of that it was the highlight of his day.
well that, and he was pretty happy about being able to take a bouquet of fresh flowers to stacey in honor of her birthday tomorrow.
such a gent, my little man is.

he goes to school twice a week, for 3.5 hours each day.
it's crazy to have the house so quiet. the challenge for me has been deciding the best way to put that precious time to use.
luckily i read my scriptures in the mornings before the kids get up, or that would definitely be an important option.
so, do i run errands, kid free?
do i blog?
do i clean house, because i can do it so much quicker without the little ones on my tail?
do i organize my garage for our up and coming garage sale?
do i post things on Craigslist?
do I work on our halloween costumes?
do i call my family members and catch up on life? because again, that's nearly impossible to do with kids screaming in my ear for attention...
or do i just throw it all out the window, and take a nap?

what would you do if you were childless for 7 (prime, day-time) hours per week?
i need to take advantage of this luxury, because come february, i won't have time for much other than that little jude man, i suppose.


Anonymous said...

Nicole, he is so cute! good luck with the whole getting dressed thing. Mine has been potty trained for a year now and we still go through this. Its even harder in the winter when they are wearing pants. (do you guys ever need pants in AZ) But I must say you should buy his teacher some flushable wipes. Makes wiping a whole lot easier!
That is so funny you ask what to do with your time. I will get only 2 hrs 2 days a week but it is a big question on what to do. Do you take the time for yourself or take advantage to get stuff done. Im probably the type to sit on my butt and do nothing but something tells me you will be doing something productive. :) Hillary

Scarlett said...

Good job Asher! I can't believe he's in preschool. My daughter is in kindergarten now, and I am the same way. Trying to fill the time. So crazy being childless. Enjoy it now, cause next year will be a whole new adventure for you.(Hopefully I'm close behind.) :)

I'm so glad everything is going well with your pregnancy, and that you are recovering from your surgery. Take care!