Monday, May 2, 2011

easter overload

i don't think i'll go into too much detail about easter this year.
the very thought is daunting and overwhelming.
i think the pictures are evidence enough that the day was wonderful.
there's nothing better than perfect spring weather, and enjoying a nice sunday afternoon with family.
wouldn't you agree?

the easter bunny sent the kids on a treasure hunt for their baskets. they had a wonderful time following their clues,
and we were so proud of ruby who read each clue all by herself.

9:00 church is difficult to get to, even when it's not easter...but it's almost impossible on easter morning.
we may have to check with the easter bunny and see if he wouldn't mind coming on saturday morning in the future.
i didn't even have time to trim my bangs, for crying out appears that i have a medium sized animal resting atop my head.

we had fun planting wheat grass for family night a couple of weeks before easter. we were so glad that they turned out, and that we were able to bring them to lori's to use as centerpieces for the dinner tables.
i also made pastel colored cupcake bites to bring.
ruby helped me by placing the m&m on top of every last cupcake.

the annual easter egg hunt in the costello's front yard

asher adores his uncles and cousins.
and i think it's safe to conclude that they're pretty nutso about him too.

the many faces of asher had everybody rolling

the kids love grandma judy and grandpa jerry.
we're always so blessed to have grandma judy in town every easter.

cousins asher and roman {just one month apart} were so cute together during the egg hunt.
asher shared his jelly beans with roman, and roman couldn't stop hugging asher.
i hope they always remain close friends.

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Jackie said...

What a beautiful Easter! I love the wheat grass and your cupcakes! I can't get over how much John resembles his father.