Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a little piece of sunshine

the world lost a little piece of sunshine today

we just found out that our dear friend and "grandpa" george passed away this morning.

our poor little hearts can hardly handle it.

so many memories and so much love.

may God bless and keep you, sweet george...

'til we meet again.


buddens said...

oh, i'm so sorry nicole. i know you guys really adored them, and vice versa. i hope grandma ruby is doing ok. she's lucky to have you guys there.

sarahtuckett said...

Oh Nicole -- that is so sad. Give Grandma Ruby a hug... you guys were so special to them, and I know you really brightened up their lives!

The Sorensens. said...

:( everyone at work was so sad to hear he passed away.

Jodi Oliver said...

Thank you for being there for Grandma Ruby and Grandpa George! Grandpa adored all of you and Grandma looks forward to making more memories with you! I hope you can go to Legacy on Saturday! The kids would love the carnival and as you may know Grandma loves clowns! You are an amazing family!