Thursday, January 6, 2011

being humbled

I've started working out again.
It's been nearly 5 months.
Today was my third day back, and I've been wounded already.
In case you can't tell from the photo, that's my shin.
I tried to do a box jump on a standard size plyo box, and I totally missed it.
Smacked my shin pretty good.
I've always been a bit clumsy, but to miss the box altogether?
That's just down right ridiculous.
Especially because I've done those jumps nearly a thousand times...
and landed every single one of them.
So between that, and Ruby asking me why my tummy is getting so big (both in the same day)...
I guess you could say I've been humbled.
Just 6 months ago I was in the best shape of my life.
I was fitter, and faster, and stronger than I had ever been.
And now I can barely fit into the jeans that I wore during my entire pregnancy with Ruby.
Yep, my fat jeans.
I can barely squeeze into my fat jeans.
That's just pathetic.
I jumped on the scale the other day (first time in weeks) and was completely horrified.
How anyone can gain nearly 20 pounds in 6 month's time, is beyond me.
Sure I was pregnant for 3 of those, but I'm not what's the deal?
I guess eating like crap and not exercising for long enough, eventually will catch up with you.
I'm seriously sick about it though, and have even lost hours of sleep over it. Ha.
It feels good to finally be working out again (humbling, but good);
and I can't wait to get my speed, strength, agility...

and favorite pair of jeans back.


Amy Eagleston said...

I don't even know what a plyo box is but I did start working out this week and feel very old and very pathetic but am taking baby steps in hopes that I don't burn out before I even really start.

Meet the Family said...

5 months ago I was running 5ks for the first time ever, working my way to the 10k feeling fab...and then, well I moved and got lazy really lazy. I'm hoping tomorrow I get back on the program. Maybe reading this post is the push I needed! Keep it up, banged up shin and all!

natalie eve said...

ouch! shin injuries are the WORST. they make me want to curl up in the fetal position and writhe around on the ground... did you?

it has been 15 MONTHS since i've last worked out!

i am going to be a sad sap out there but i can't wait for the pain.

boo yah.

Rachel said...

Oh Nicole! Your fat jeans are probably my skinny jeans. (: You look awesome--don't even stress it.

shannon said...

That is is exactly why I hesitate every single time I jump on those platforms. I physch myself out thinking.. What'll happen if I just really can't jump up there. Uh hu.... that's what happens. But... you survived. Thanks for the lesson Nicole.
May you heal quickly and get back on that horse "er uh" box.