Saturday, August 14, 2010

snuggle bug for a day...

I woke up early this morning with the intention of going running, but as I was getting myself out of bed, I heard a muffled cry coming from Asher's room. I immediately knew something was not right because, first of all, it was 6 am - Asher is never awake at that time; and secondly, because when he does wake up in the morning - he doesn't cry...he just happily entertains himself until either John or I come in to get him. So feeling impressed that something was definitely wrong, I ran through the family room, into the hallway, and burst through the door to his bedroom...only he was nowhere to be found. I could hear him screaming for help, but still couldn't figure out where he was...his bed was empty and I couldn't see him on the floor anywhere. I followed the sound of his whimpering cries, and found his head and upper body completely wedged into a 5 inch wide space between the frame of his trundle bed and the wall. I reached out and grabbed his legs, but was unsuccessful at freeing him. I yelled for John, and moments later, both of us were tugging and pulling on his legs - causing him some major pain and discomfort. Well after many fruitless attempts at rescuing our son, a light bulb finally went on...I had a brilliant idea. Hey, I said to John, let's both get at the foot of his bed and pull it away from the wall! would have been a pretty obvious solution to anyone else I'm sure... but I've determined that my mind and it's ability to make sensible decisions, pretty much shuts down when exposed to any sort of trauma. I need to work on that, though, because I have a feeling we're in for a lifetime of surprises from our active, dare-devilish, thrill-seeker of a son...who may also be just a tad bit awkward, inept, and accident-prone.
John and I were quite relieved once we got him free...but not more than Asher, I'm sure. Poor guy had giant goose-eggs and bruises on the top and back parts of his head. His voice was hoarse. He was shaking and trembling, sweating profusely, and asking for water. He didn't even have the strength to stand on his own, and wanted to be held -which is very rare for him. If you've ever tried to hold Asher, apart from when he was 3 weeks old, you'll know that it only lasts all of about 5 seconds, and then he's wriggling away from you, and towards someone or something else. He actually allowed me to hold him for several hours, which was a wonderful treat for me, but also an indication of how traumatizing the whole experience had been for him. I wish I knew how long he was lying there unable to move...then again, it's probably best I remain incognizant. I'd probably still be beating myself up over the fact that I had turned his monitor off before I went to sleep because of it's disturbing and unwelcoming crackle sounds. Well I've now learned my lesson...I'd rather be up all night listening to the static from that darn monitor, than have to find my baby in another situation like that one. All I can say is that I'm grateful he was watched over and protected until we could get to him...and I promise to keep the monitor on tonight.

The quality of this picture isn't great, but I had to post it anyway because there may not ever be another one like it. We snuggled like this for probably three hours.


shannon said...

aaah poor Asher baby. What crazy predicaments he finds himself in. So glad you listened to your intuition (the spirit) and decided to check on him.
I think he needs a matress in his room and that's it. I've never heard of a buisier body than Asher.

diana said...

this makes me so sad. poor asher.

a traumatic event for all. i'm with shannon, asher needs a room with only a mattress and then, only then he might stay out of trouble.

at least you didn't lose him and find him with our goats in the goat pen in our backyard playing in the mud. haha.