Monday, August 16, 2010


I've been pretty down on myself lately. Sometimes I look in the mirror and just hate what I see. The stringy hair, the weird eyebrows, the thin lips, the stubby eyeslashes ...the huge pores, the bloodshot eyes (why are my eyes always so red?)...the dark circles, the saggy sun damaged skin, the muffin top, the flabby I could go on, but I won't. I'd rather not openly expose too many of my flaws on the world wide web. I'm really not trying to wallow in self-pity here, nor am I asking for your sympathy. I simply share these things with you because my eyes have been opened...either that, or I've been humbled. Yesterday in Young Women's our lesson was on The Importance of Life- particularly human life. The advisor giving the lesson shared some excerpts from an address delivered by Elder Russell M. Nelson several years ago. I was particularly touched by the introduction of his talk, and am so grateful that as I listened intently, and of course through the Spirit, I was given a better understanding of who I am and of my own self worth.

I invite you to ponder things magnificent. The word magnificent is derived from two Latin roots. The prefix magni- comes from a term meaning “great,” and the suffix comes from the Latin facere, meaning “to make” or “to do.” A simple definition of magnificent, then, might be “great deed” or “greatly made.”

Think of the most magnificent sight you have ever seen. It could be a meadow in springtime filled with beautiful wildflowers. Or perhaps you have been awestruck, as have I, at the magnificence of a single rose. I have come to appreciate the magnificence of an orange, with each droplet of juice packaged in an edible container, joined with many other packets, grouped in sections, and all neatly wrapped in a disposable, biodegradable peel.

Some would say the most magnificent sight they have ever beheld is looking heavenward on a summer night, seeing stars beyond number dotting the sky. Some might choose the view of the Grand Canyon at sunrise; others, the beauty of a mountain lake. Some might select a peacock with its tail in full fan, or a hummingbird seemingly suspended in midair while feeding. These magnificent sights are wondrous beyond measure. They are all “great deeds” of our divine Creator.

Now, ponder the magnificence of what you see when you look in the mirror. Ignore the freckles, the unruly hair, or the blemishes, and look beyond to see the real you—a child of God—created by him, in his image. If we lift the lid on the treasure chest of the marvelous attributes of our bodies, we can discover, at least in part, the magnificence of man.

As I've read and re-read these inspired words, I've resolved to follow the counsel given in the last paragraph - to ignore my imperfections, to look past the flaws...and to see myself for what I really am - which is a beautiful magnificent daughter of a magnificent Heavenly king.


shannon said...

Amen Nicole.
And just for the record. I think you are a lovely woman. Inside and out.

Ethel Carola Aredes Tapia said...

pienso que eres la mejor madre esposa amiga hermana hija del todo el mundo y te ves muy bien
pienso que hay cosas que tambien importa como nuestro fisico y que todo en conjunto hace nuestra belleza fisica espiritual
siempre nos encontraremos los defectos y como mujeres creo que tenemos muchas experiencia en sacar nuestros defectos o debilidades pienso que tenemos que comenzar a realsatar nuestra belleza lo que nos detaca y asi los defectos quedan de lado
te quiero mucho amiga y eres hermosa no porque seas mi amiga o hayamos compartido en la mision sino porque lo eres

The Heaps said...

I needed this more than you know! Thank you for the post!

Donna said...

You are magnificent! I will never forget our time in the mission. I love your blog. I am surprised it hasn't gone viral.