Thursday, October 29, 2009

just a little white lie?...

Or a Deep. Dark. Chocolate one?

I baked a cake today. As soon as it was finished, I pulled it from the oven, and then placed it on the stove top to cool. I left the room, sifted through some unread emails, and returned 10 minutes later, to this...

"Ruby, come here!"
"Yes, mom?"
"Did you do this to my cake?"
" mom, I didn't."
"Oh really? Are you sure about that?"
"Come here, Ruby, let me check your mouth."
She opens wide and exposes a mouth and teeth...full of chocolate.
"Ruby, your teeth have chocolate in them. Did you get into mommy's cake?"
"No, mom. It was Asher."
"Then why is the chocolate only in your teeth, and not Asher's?"
"Ummm...because I ate something brown...But I didn't have any cake."
"Ruby, I'm not mad. I just want you to tell mom the truth. Hold my hands and look into mommy's eyes. Ruby, did you taste some of mommy's cake?"
I leave the room, throwing my hands in the air.
A few minutes later she walks into the kitchen as I'm making dinner...and I completely catch her off guard.
"Ruby, was the chocolate cake yummy or gross?"
"It was so yummy, mom, can I have some more?"

Looks like it's about time to dust off (and put into practise, or course) those lessons in honesty at our home.


Amy Eagleston said...

That is so funny. Man oh man you are going to have your hands full :)

buddens said...

Niiice. Don't you love it? G blames stuff on our little man sometimes, but she's getting better. It's so hard to strike the balance between letting them know something is wrong to lie about, but being proud of them for telling the truth. We're still working on it! Good luck with Ms. Ruby Kangaroo.

sarahtuckett said...

I am just imagining this playing out in your mind.... Such a sly mom you are with the trick questions.

You try not to laugh, but it is hard.

Rachel said...

That is hilarious! Never a dull day with little Ruby, I'm sure. (:

Cormac said...

no way! that's so funny.

diana said...

that ruby! i hope that the cake was for the mini cupcakes you made, then the destruction wouldn't be too bad of a thing.

Danielle said...

Oh, that's just too funny! One of my preschoolers did a similar thing with some Halloween cookies last week. I don't condone their fibbing, yet I couldn't help but laugh out loud to myself later on that day.

Ruby's got such spunk. I love reading stories about her.

Rania said...

That was hilarious! And props to you for a super smart way to get her to confess! It reminds me of when we were young.
Your Grandma: Did you guys go somewhere last night?
Nic and Ra: No.
Grandma: So why did you leave the window wide open?

Jen said...

Jon and I were laughing so hard we were crying when I read this to him! I love the "I ate something brown, but I didn't have any cake," comment. Oh my, she is one sly little girl!

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