Wednesday, April 22, 2009

all of this...

and more, for only $72.04.


So I know what you're're probably looking at the picture, and saying to yourself something like, well, she really didn't get that much stuff...or, 72.04 is still a lot of money, or it looks like she made out OK, but I'm not overly impressed. Please, just allow me to dissect these deals for you, and then you can make a fair determination. First of all, all of this - regular price - is worth just under $ basically, I saved about 80%. To me, it just doesn't get much better than that. Here's the break down:

These are the items that I picked up for free:
4 4 packs of Angel Soft toilet paper (reg 1.89 each)
4 Suave deodorants (reg. 1.49 each))
8 packs of Mentos gum (reg 1.49 each)
1 Bayer Aspirin quick release crystals (reg. 2.99)
1 Colgate sensitive (reg. $4.89)
2 Edge infused shave gel (reg. 3.29 each)
1 Softsoap body butter coconut scrub (reg. $5.49 each)
4 Barilla whole grain pasta (reg 1.99 each)
2 Crest pro health toothpastes (reg 3.89 each)
4 GE energy smart light bulbs (reg 4.99 each...thanks Brooke, i totally didn't even see that one)

That's a total of $75, but I paid absoltely nothing for any of it!

These are the things that were $1 or less:
1 Dove skin vitalizer- .50 (reg price 12.99)
4 boxes Capri Suns- .77
4 vitamin waters- .25
6 cans Libby's sweet corn- .38
2 Rimmel lip glosses- $1.00 (reg 6.99 each)
1 Mitchum deodorant-.25 (reg 3.99)

Other good deals:
8 lbs of boneless/skinless chicken breast ($1.57/lb)
2 1 gallon milks ($1.57 each)
2 Loreal eyeliners ($2.00 each, reg. 8.99)
3 John Frieda brunette assorted hair care products ($1.50 each, reg. $8-$12)
2 packages of One A Day vitamins (reg. $13, paid $5)

Not great deals, but things I needed, or wanted:
3 bottles of St.Ives apricot scrub (2.00 each, reg 3.99)
1 small package of m&m's to keep Ruby happy while I shopped
1 container red grapes
2 cartons of strawberries (2 for $4, reg $4 each)
2 V8 Fusions (OK deal- reg. $4.29, paid $2 each)
1 pack of Orbit gum
1 child's nasal aspirator

And now, the best for last. This is by far, my favorite find of the day:


Together, this formula - regular price - totals about $120...but I got it all for less than $18! The 4 containers of Similac 22 oz. GO and Grow formula, ended up being only $1 each (reg price $19.99)! It's a good thing I got such a great deal on all of Asher's food; because, if you ask me, these little chunker legs have not yet reached their full potential. WOW! Can you even believe those suckers?


So as you can see, I am a huge advocate of couponing and shopping the deals. In our struggling economy it's just one way of really being able to cut back and put more into savings...because heaven only knows when that rainy day will be upon us.


Kat and Steve said...

That is AWESOME! I've been into coupon-ing lately too, it's great. I'm curious, what website do you use? Or do you just find these deals on your own?

disillusionedday said...

Makes me wish I had time to save money!

Mary P.

nicole said...

kat- i use coupon sense, and i love it! i do pay a monthly fee to be a member, but it is still totally worth it. i pay $14 per month, and then i get 4 sunday papers (22.50). so basically it's 36.50 per month...but i save SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! it's the best!

Angela said...

Wow, I really need to get into this! Just for the formula alone it would be worth it, formula is expensive!

Tara said...

Nicole it seems awesome but I really need to know - How much time does it take???

Tara said...

. . . and how many different stores do you have to go to?

natalie eve said...

go asher... those are some awesomely chunky legs... haha. i can't WAIT to see them at their fullest potential.

that is seriously such a ridiculously amazing deal for those formulas. it is SO expensive.

this grocery savings post has motivated me again... maybe this time i will be more proactive about it.

Sarah said...

Wow. I would also like to know how time consuming this is and all those details. It seems totally worth it!

Kim said...


Brooke said...

Thanks for all of the advice this week. It has been fun and I still feel there is SO much to learn. But really awesome to do so well the first day! I still wish I would have seen those formulas but I am glad you did!

nicole said...

i understand that time is money...and if this were really that time consuming, i wouldn't be doing it. it does take some extra time in the beginning, as you're trying to figure out how everything works; but once you get the hang of becomes second nature. unfortunately, if you want to take advantage of all the great deals out there, then yes, you need to go to sveral stores. but you could always just pick the store that has the best overall deals for that particular week, and shop there for all your grocery needs. i probably got to at least 2 or 3stores a week to maximize the very best deals.

diana said...

impressive! you know that i can appreciate a great deal... you're rockin' the coupon sense world.

Michelle said...

good work girl...that is awesome!