Thursday, June 21, 2007

spaghetti mama

Just thought I'd share a few of my grimy girl at dinner tonight. We let her have at it with her spaghetti; and boy let me tell you, she was lovin' every bite! (I'm loving the orange brows...)

...that is, until she got distracted by her napkin, and started a game of Where's Ruby?...There she is! (aka peek-a-boo).

...and then, for some odd reason, she began throwing temper tantrums.

... that was my cue to quickly get her bathed...and into bed!


Smokin' Piper... said...

I prefer "pasketti"...

Kira Joy said...

I know I wasn't invited to read your blog and I'm totally nosy to read it ... but Jerry (UVSC Alumni) showed me and I just had to take a look. I must say, I always thought you were gorgeous, adoreable and a sweetheart, but glancing over the couple of posts I looked at really made me think so highly of you. You are a very poised, charming, and spiritual woman which is so difficuly but rewarding to find-John is one incredibly fortunate man to have you.
Your daughter is precious beyond words (oh my goodness she is cute). I hope you don't mind me taking a look.

-Kira Ludwig (UVSC SAA with John)